Just As I Knew He Would:

Rob looked exactly like the uneducated fool that he is last night on Nightline. Thanks Rob You little fuck.

Lou Sirkin Takes a Shot:

In an interview with Kernes, Lou had this to say:

On a more personal note, however, Sirkin is upset by some Web masters who’ve deemed Extreme owners Rob Black and Lizzy Borden to be “not friends of the industry.”

(Gee I think he means me since I’m the only webmaster to stand up and say it that I know of…Glad to have ya as a reader Lou)

“They say he’s no friend; that’s an excuse,” Sirkin charges. “That’s their jealousy that they didn’t have the guts to speak up and they didn’t have the guts to stand by him. It’s not a matter of liking him as an individual or not. In a sense, it’s not a popularity contest. The First Amendment isn’t based upon what A, B and C like versus D, E and F.

“I get really ticked about it sometimes; all those guys that think they live in an ivory tower; they should remember the anonymous originator of the World War II quote, ‘First they came for the labor unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I didn’t belong to a labor union,’ and remember that it ends, ‘And one day they came for me, and there was nobody left to speak up for me.’ That’s the thing. You’ve got to begin at the beginning.

OK first of all I have and I continue to hold forth that Lou is an extraordinarily talented attorney no question about it.

I would like to correct him on a few issues here though. First, believe me I have NO jealousy towards Rob Black, what is there to be jealous of? He has no money, no education, he certainly doesn’t have the “guts” that Lou is crediting him with. It is no secret that I don’t like Rob Black, he is a dispicable human being and I have made no qualms about the fact that I think he should be in jail. But NOT for obscenity.

Rob personally brought this fight to us, we let him go forward and let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass taunting the Department of Justice. If Lou were given his way at this time and place is that how he would have chosen to initiate a battle with the feds over the legality of this industry? I think not, what Rob did essentially was to drag us all onto a battlefield to fight for a cause (Robs cause mind you) that we don’t particularly support.

I refuse to allow the product I produce to be likened to that which Rob Black excretes. I want no part of it.

Quasarman, A Worthy American Writes in ADTALK:

Rob was about as eloquent as a homeless person on NIghtline tonight and though I’m glad that this case was tossed out by an “activist” federal judge my fear is that the DOJ is now more deterimined than ever to take this industry down. Rob’s opponent on the show, Mr.Truman from the American Family council or whatever the hell it’s called went as far as to say that the DOJ made a mistake going after only the most “extreme” product on the market. He suggested that the Bush administration target ALL producers of pornography.
Once again, Rob dodged a bullet in this case and is presently carrying about 400 pounds of horseshoes up his ass but this isn’t over. In fact, it will probably get a whole lot worse.
I’d like to remind everyone that I have no desire to see Rob go to prison despite the fact that his movies are perhaps the worst thing imaginable short of a beheading video from Baghdad and that he himself is an arrogant little prick who never wrote a check that could be exchanged for actual money. Still, this big-mouthed egomaniac put porn back on the Fed’s radar. This is a battle that did not need to be fought. Rob asked for this fight and in doing so has put our entire business in jeopardy.
Though it’s my sincere belief that Rob Black is a simpleton who is in way over his head, it truly angers me that we are wasting a seond thought on issues of obscenity when Bush is so quick to point out that ” freedom” is God’s gift to the world in justifying the death of close to 2000 GI’s in Iraq. Musilm fanatics are probably exporting radioactive material into the U.S as I write this and our Justice Department somehow has the manpower to worry about a poorly dressed egomaniac screaming about his right to make the worst movies currently available. Christian fundementalists love to talk about freedom so long as it meets their criteria. As soon as porn or gays or abortion enters the equation suddenly freedom is as unwelcome as Democracy to Muslim fanatics or sensible portions to Star Jones.

Oh Just Great AVN Lauds The Fact That Slob Black Will Be On Nightline Tonight:

That’s just great, now America will think he is representative of all porners, they will think we are all as fucking stupid and uneducated as Rob. Maybe the rest of Porn Valley is but I am NOT.

I wish nightline would invite me on, but I guess that doesn’t fit the agenda nearly as well as having this dumbass on there….

If anyone at AVN had any fucking sense that Headline would read something like this:

Rob Black To Appear on Nightline Tonight To Misrepresent The Adult Industry, We Called Nightline They Refused Us The Opportunity to Have Someone Educated Speak on Our Behalf So We Told Them To Please Note That This Fuck Up Doesn’t Speak For Us.

Word To AVN:

If you guys over there are going to start doing your own gossip stuff at least have the fucking balls to do it right like the rest of us. Running a blind item like this…

Sign On the Blotted Line

Which stable of contract girls is giving their company some major headaches?

The easy answer would be all of them, but one company has a pool of sexclusives that are getting a little sassy and/or out of control.

Word on the street is the company let one girl go last week (Vegas likely being the last, uh, straw), or maybe it was that she’s suddenly appearing on a popular escort site. Hey, New Yorkers, busy Feb. 6 – Feb. 9? I hear she’ll be in town and rentable for the low, low price of $2000/hr cash ($2200 if you want to use your credit card).

Another one of their girls is “secretly” shooting scenes with other companies (something her contract, of course, forbids) and anything else she can to get out of her contract.

And then there’s this other girl…well, no sense going into that.

There is much more to come on this one. Much, much more….

Well that’s CHICKENSHIT Tim Connelly….If you don’t have the fucking balls to name names then shut the fuck up and leave it to the pros.

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