XRCO It’s Time For Some Sanity:

Ok lets forget the Wankus nonsense, who cares…they haven’t even set a date for the show yet, much less a time. Wankus might be on tour with “Team Tyler” that night. Far be it from me to try to inject some sanity in this but wouldn’t logic dictate that it would be done in conjunction with Erotica L.A.? Oh I forgot this is porn, nothing logical happens here.

And for all you guys out there whining that Wicked buys the awards….they don’t… They do pay 5K for the broadcast rights to the XRCO show then they never release it…far as I know they never even film it…go figger. reckon who they pay it to and what it’s used for?

15160cookie-checkXRCO It’s Time For Some Sanity:

XRCO It’s Time For Some Sanity:

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