Wicked About To Sign A New Contract Girl


I’m hearing that Wicked Pictures is about to sign Asa Akira to an exclusive performing contract.  An interesting move because Akira is known for doing things in porn that Wicked wouldn’t likely shoot.


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Wicked About To Sign A New Contract Girl

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  1. well good move for mark spiegler too! She will be having
    guys with Condoms from now on and that’s what you need
    up there in Shit Hole Dieases pool LA.

  2. I can think of a lot more harmful than bukkake. As long as the girl closes her eyes when the guys are jacking off on her the practice is actually relatively safe. As for Asa I bet there is a clause in her Wicked contract allowing her to continue performing for Kink.com, the two companies do not compete directly so it would be of little harm to Wicked to allow her to continue her BDSM career.

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