What The Fuck Y’all


There is a lot of speculation about the things that are wrong with porn today but I think this sums it up perfectly.


Go to the pirate bay the worlds largest bit torrent site

Now search for anything adult

Yes that is a Wicked Pictures ad you see……Steve Orenstein….really?  You sold out like that?  Just damn.

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What The Fuck Y’all

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  1. Here dumb idea lets go one place steal porn content advetise there in for long hope that people well not watch free porn content pay for instead. Steve Orenstein what he smoke think that well ever work. If there show called word dumb porn people host buy some dumb porn people this would be on list dumb thing.

  2. One of the big problems in fighting piracy is that much of the general public tolerates it. One of my jobs is working at a videostore. An employee at the store would tell many customers about a torrent site in which they could see free movies. Of the customers that he told about the torrent site, no one objected to being told about how to go to a illegal website. People were thanking him for the information. I talked to a customer who had the attitude of why
    should he be concerned about a rich actor making a lot of money. I made a point that actors like Tom Cruise are rich because they earned the money. When the profitability of movies is cut down, it will effect the actors because the movie companies will not want to pay the actors as much money.

    At Comic-Con 2010, Aurora Snow was talking to a guy who told her about downloading her movies off the internet. As the guy was talking to her, her DVDs were on one the tables of the Carnal Comics booth. Aurora’s response was “dont tell me that.” Aurora remained civil with the guy despite what he said. At the comic book store I go to, I have witnessed customers telling the people at the store about downloading comic books. This happened a couple of times recently when some first printings of DC Comics #1s were sold out. After being told what they wanted was sold out, they said they would download off the internet.

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