Someone Is Playing Games

About the Wicked contract girl story it appears that someone is going to GREAT lengths to fuck with me and with Kaylani, whether the story was true or not I no longer  think Kaylani was trying to fuck with me at all but I do think that someone is trying very hard to fuck with me and Kaylani so I prefer to err on the side of caution and as such I killed the story.

I am now working with people I trust on this matter, my apologies to Kaylani for not being more diligent and allowing her to get drug into something she likely had nothing to do with.

It is entirely possible that the lourdesenterprises email was fabricated and it was a good one.

If Steve Orenstein would like to contact me I would welcome it and give him any info that is pertinent….Meantime  Back to Porn…



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Someone Is Playing Games

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