Lenna Lux Goes #Live with Jeyla Spice on Wednesday!! @lennaluxxx @JeylaSpiceXXX

Jeyla Spice & Lenna Lux will be performing their very first live show as a duo Wednesday, November 25th at 10 pm EST (7 pm PST) on imacumslut.com. The sexy Latina duo assure a hot, seductive, and very provocative experience that will make a favorable impression on all of the new viewers and exceed the expectations of returning viewers.

Jeyla & Lenna will be joined by FreakMobMedia and will be performing together to provide a sensual, mesmerizing 2-hour experience.


Lenna Lux Goes #Live with Jeyla Spice on Wednesday!! @lennaluxxx @JeylaSpiceXXX

“Working with Lenna & Jeyla always makes for a fun, immersive encounter. I can’t wait to bring them together and see the potential of bringing the sexy duo to a live, raw, unfiltered live show.” said FreakMobMedia “It’s really going to be a one of a kind show.”

Lenna recommends joining her website imacumslut.com (which links back to OnlyFans) prior to the show to get a feel for the platform & the way the profile operates. Lenna’s OnlyFans is free to join, and also features a multitude of content featuring FreakMobMedia & many other amazing talent.

FreakMobMedia will also be live streaming from another platform, ManyVids where you can get the same experience, with a twist! FreakMobMedia will be offering a pre-show & an aftershow where you can chat with the performers one on one to ask all of your dying questions and make special requests for the show.



667240cookie-checkLenna Lux Goes #Live with Jeyla Spice on Wednesday!! @lennaluxxx @JeylaSpiceXXX

Lenna Lux Goes #Live with Jeyla Spice on Wednesday!! @lennaluxxx @JeylaSpiceXXX

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