Why Wankus Isn’t As Smart As He Thinks He Is:

Wankus has wasted no time defending himself in his abysmally poor interview with Steven Baldwin. His main line of defense (when he wasn’t impugning the educational background of my fellow southerners) was that he didn’t want to turn it into a brawl.

I’m not sure where Wankus figures that an intelligent debate with someone over ideology has to be a brawl. Take this particular posting for example, It isn’t combative.

I said that Wankus failed to do his homework and I stand by that, but moreover he failed as an interviewer.

Wankus never once pursued Mr Baldwin in regard to his true purpose, one simple question to Mr Baldwin would have and should have set the tone for the night.

That question is: “Do you believe that the government should use force to impose your views on pornography on American Citizens?”

It’s a powerful question and it goes right to the heart of what all this bruhaha is about. But it seems only us “uneducated southerners” have enough sense to understand that.

Instead of getting to the heart of it Wankus and Tyler simply sat back and allowed Mr Baldwin to run rough shod over the people in this industry, even trotting out the old secondary effects argument, an argument which Wankus accepted even though it has long since been disproven.

And just because one person at KSEX is ignorant of this doesn’t mean that all of them are.


Land Of The Free?:

It’s almost time to head to the ballot box and it has gotten me to thinking. Here we are living in the so called land of the free. Yet tell that to the over 2 million people in US jails of those 2 million people 58% thats over one million people, are in jail for nothing more than possesion of drugs. They didn’t threaten anyone, harm anyone, steal from anyone, all they did was to possess drugs or drug paraphenalia.

The Budget for the Federal Prison System alone is 4.8 Billion Dollars a year, and guess who is picking up the tab for it….Thats right you and me. That doesnt even count the hundreds of billions spent on state and local prisons, all faced with serious overcrowding.

Now remember that half of all that money is used to keep people who wanted to get high… in jail.

Jimmy Carter wasn’t a very effective President but I do remember something he said that stuck with me over the years; In talking about decriminalizing Marijuana President Carter said in effect ” The punishment for using the drug should not do more damage to the individual than the use of the drug itself”

How many peoples lives are ruined every day in this country because of “The War on Drugs”? How many people get arrested and as a result will find it hard to get jobs that make the American Dream possible?

Are we really doing society a favor by waging this war?

And while we are at it lets talk about all this war on nonsense…you cant wage war on a thing, including drugs, porn, terrorism or whatever dragon they create next so that they ( the politicians) might exercise more control over our lives and take away more of our freedoms. War is waged on people and on countries a war waged on anything else is a war waged against freedom.

Wouldn’t all that money we spend on incarcerating users be put to better use educating society as a whole and letting people make the choice to use drugs. Think about what legalization would mean. No more organized crime involvement in drugs, no more street sales, no more drug cartels, (unless you count Pfizer and Eli Lilly) more space in our prisons for offenders who have threatened, harmed or killed people, or stolen property. But then just maybe this isnt about drug use or curtailing it, maybe its about something else.

An old axiom in any kind of investigation says follow the money and you will find the motive.

The governemnt spends a lot of your money and mine fighting these so called wars.

Think about it

And vote Libertarian where you have the choice


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Why Wankus Isn’t As Smart As He Thinks He Is:

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