Is Wankus a Suitcase Pimp:

I was havin a confab with one of my buds the other day and we got to talkin about how sensitive Wankus Faith has gotten since he assimilated Tyler. I’m like..nah not Wankus…he can take it, as well as dish it…My buddy is like dude..he has changed, I’m like it aint like he is a real suitcase pimp anyway….Heres why

1. Wankus has a job at KSEX……Suitcase pimps go on the road with their girls….uuum wait.

2. Suitcase pimps all used to be musicians, Wankus was never….ummmm….

3. Suitcase pimps start blogs and yak about going on the road with their girl Wankus doesn’t have a blo……ummm

4. Suitcase pimps all insist on taking the microphone and introducing their girl Wankus would never….ummmm

5. Suitcase Pimps all end up wanting to be porn directors, Wankus don’t…ummm

Never Mind

15830cookie-checkIs Wankus a Suitcase Pimp:

Is Wankus a Suitcase Pimp:

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