Welcome to The New Crew

I decided maybe y’all were gettin bored with me so I brought on some help.

Tim Case, y’all all know he is the guy that gave suitcase pimpin a good honorable name.  Of course it’s gone to hell since he retired. What he lacks in motivation he makes up for in quality, the boy can write….When he writes.

Goddess, y’all know her too, she writes for me when I need a week off. Of course I have to make all kinds of threats to get her to do it but she finally figures it’s easier just to give in and do it.

A finer pair of slackers than these two have never written under the same banner.

Brian In Powder Spring, He emails me sometimes and I like what he says, plus he don’t cost nuthin.  Don’t know much more than that about him, but that’s enough.

And last but not least comes a fellow with a LOT of credits and experience, Steve Lick, I’m not at liberty to share em with ya but trust me on this one OK.

So y’all give em a big warm welcome and if you need anything at all from any of them send cold hard cash. ( Hey I can’t afford to pay em)

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Welcome to The New Crew

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  1. I could write up a whole rebuttal to that “finer pair of SLACKERS” comments, but eh that would take time away from me laying around scratching myself in places that should never be scratched.

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