Wankus writes:

Hey Mike! First of all…GODDAMN IT! I try to hate you and you keep printing shit that keeps me coming back to your site. Fuck you for that. LOL

Anyway, about a year ago I talked to a friend of mine who is the daughter of a former assistant FBI director. I’m not going to mention names. Regardless, she said that her father believes they have had Bin Laden in custody for quite some time and the gov’t has been holding him for the “right time” to announce that we got him.

She states that her father doesn’t know this to be true but has said that when he was assistant FBI director, they handled business in that fashion all the time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s right and just before election time, Bush declares another victory on terrorism by announcing the capture of Osama.

Later Hick,


This crossed my mind as well, and if it’s true, turn out the lights, the party is over, Bush will win in a landslide, even though many people have predicted that this will happen, myself included. But I also predicted Bush would engineer the price of gas back to about a dollar a gallon and that hasnt happened. This ones gonna be interesting but I believe my source, something will happen.


Something Is Going To Happen This Weekend That John Kerry Will NOT Like:

I don’t know exactly what, but I have it from a very high level and trusted source that Bush is going to pull another surprise, like his surprise visit to Iraq. It may even be another visit to Iraq.

With the election a virtual dead heat in at least 2 states that could tip the scales to one candidate or the other (OH, FL), every little thing that either candidate can do to eek out a few more votes helps.

I have made it pretty clear who I am voting for, or more importantly who I am NOT voting for. I will NOT lay my freedom at the feet of the Imperial Federal Government so that they may “protect me”.

George Bush has not done one thing worthy of re-election with the possible exception of standing up to the UN and Iraq, though the focus certainly has shifted from Al-Queda to Saddam.

Anyhow If you are reading this in Ohio, Florida, Rennsylvania, or Wisconsin, you are in a position to make this election go either way. Encourage your friends to get out and VOTE, preferably for Kerry….

Congrats to My Buddy RobbyD Who Won:

Best American Director at the Venus Awards, and to Jesse Jane for winning Best American Acress.

Angry Iraqi Chick Wries:

“Angry Iraqi Chick” writes:

I am in the porn industry sort of ( damn near bout to be camel balled..lol) i wrote this email to you because you and a hand full of others are the only ones who stuck up for my family when George Bush invaded my country and did not allow the soldiers who fought for America to enjoy porn. This is my list of things about the porn biz i noticed over time:

1. if you have head lice and work for top comapanies or have certain contracts they will let you keep towel on.

2.girls who can’t get work for top name comapanies turn tricks with other Iraqi men in sleezy Vegas hotel rooms.

3.most white boy porn studs named Lockwood who don’t own their own company or videos tend to act like bitches.

4.IR is not an abbreviation for Iraqi Racial scenes

5. a pornstar and a hooker are not the same thing…hookers fuck cheaper..(lol)

6. modeling agencies don’t want to represent Iraqi porn stars but we get lots of bachelor party requests with donkeys involved

7. ACTING IN COVERED FACE IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL IN 2004 except for young men who do anal sex in Lumberjack movies

8. people who have an Iraqi accent on a plane tend to be taken very seriously(i am from Baghdad..wink)

9.the new turn on for porn girls is anthrax and beheadings.

10.a 35 year old virgin porn iraqi girl can definitely be considered fucking ugly as hell.

keep up the goodwork here a picture of me Sammeria or as the “industry” folk refer to me: that angry iraqi chick

And Tim Case Writes:

“Angry Drunk Bikini-Wearing White Trash Suitcase Pimp” writes…


I am knee deep in the adult film industry, and I’ve noticed that no one, and I repeat NO ONE, ever gets “black balled” in porn, regardless of what some people may think — although I have had “blue balls” for years now.

I write this email to you because you, along with a handful of others ( Luke Ford, Jimmy D.) are not scared to tell the truth about things in the porn biz. This is my list of things about the adult film industry that I have noticed:

1. If you can’t spell, write legibly and have no grasp of syntax or grammar, no one is surprised that you somehow would up sucking dicks for money.

2. “Girls who can’t get work for top name comapanies turn to gross out porn as a career booster”…onviously, since they can’t get any other work. Either that, or they find work in other professions, such as the food service industry. “Do you want fries with that?”

3. “Most porn studs…” (forgive me, HAHAHAHAHAHA) “…who don’t own their own company or videos tend to act like bitches.” Which is not to say that the ones who do wind up owning companies act any differently, of course.

4. “IR only means black male/whitefemale”. It can also mean “Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited Bermuda”, for those who’ve heard of the stock market.

5. “a pornstar and a hooker are not the same thing..(lol)” I agree that, to your average housewife, there is no difference between what an escort does, what a porn star does, what a house dancing stripper does, etc. But, then again, does anyone really care what the average housewife thinks?

6. “You have sit in a “modeling agency” for hours ,EAT LUNCH,sit for more hours so you can get booked for work.”

Only if you book through World Modelling, sweetie.


The only possible response to this can be… Whatthefuck???

8. “people who have a Southern Accent tend to not be taken seriously(i am from midwest..wink)”

Y’all come.

“9.the new turn on for porn girls is throwup and piss.” Now, I don’t know what turns on porn girls in their private lives — obviously, since I never get laid by any — but I do know that bodily fluids went out of vogue years ago, and have since been replaced by fecal material.

“10.a 35 year old virgin porn message board user can get a company director to do anything they want.”

Let me reiterate: Whatthefuck???

On that one she is referring to how a guy on adultdvdtalk can convince a director to shoot whatever he wants him to.

“keep up the goodwork here a picture of me, Tim Case, or as the “industry” folk refer to me: that angry drunk white dude

Just Damn Y’all…..




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Wankus writes:

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