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The Fine Folks at MikeSouth.com Wish to Extend VERY Happy Birthday Wishes to:

Aaaron sends this photo of Suitcase Pimp Tim Case checking Fifi’s red panties for any remnants of jizz from Nick Manning that he might sell on the internet, undercutting Nicks price. Damn he is wearing a Wicked T Shirt and a cap that says “Tool Sucks” I hope neither sues me.

Tim Case, who is turning 38


Harry Weiss who is turning 41

I have no embarrassing birthday graphics or anything for these 2, so if you do, send em to me for props here!

Now I’m a Cocksucker….

Wankus writes:

Cocksucker! And Den-Cocksucker Part II ! You fucknuts crack me up.

First of all, you both know my e-mail addy and probably phone numbers, but instead of checking with me first you thought you’d bash in print. Aite…I’ll let you have that. I bash a lot of people on air before I check with them first.

I find it very funny that Den is paying such close attention since his last bash of the show, one where he said he’ll never tune in again. I also find it amusing that while Tera has missed two weeks in a row, she has still be on in total probably more in the last few months, then in a whole year at DP with their every two-three weeks a show schedule.

The real reason she’s missed is because she was on tour in Spain with BioHazard and fiancé Evan [otherwise known as Mike South’s best friend]. She’ll be back next week and on-air with fresh shows for at least the next 6 weeks, most of them from the LA studios. She’s also going to begin a national feature dancing tour soon and I’m sure you can check back on MikeSouth.com for a complete schedule. 😉

You’re top 10 list is a little off in your assumptions as to why she hasn’t made it lately so let me correct them below with the true reasons, following yours:
10. She was in another plane crash and is the sole survivor but hasn’t been rescued yet.

***Her new tits caught the eyes of passing pilots who had a head on air collision, they died, she’s in perfect health.

9. She is visiting her father at the winery he owns, Kendall Jackson and Patrick

***She’s in therapy because Samantha always tried to be a father figure to her but when the time came to grow up and go to college, she wouldn’t let Tera out of the house

8. She is visiting her fathers grave ( He died in a plane crash years ago )

***Evan is having the Mike South tombstone installed at a local grave yard in anticipation

7. She is back with The Ford Modeling Agency and has been shooting for the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Time

***That actually isn’t too far from the truth

6. She has returned to nursing school to stay on top of the field, and on finishing she will go on to become a doctor.

***She is giving Evan lemon juice to nurse his voice after singing all night, followed by the two of them getting naked and playing doctor

5. She was in Acapulco with Adella (who has also been gone for 2 weeks) begging Adella to please do her and Evan’s PR.

***She is eating bad Mexican food at a restaurant called Acapulco and as her stomach begins to ache she is reminded of her relationship with Adella

4. She cant get to the studio because the bank repossessed the Hummer she bought Evan, not to mention the engagement ring she bought for him to give to her.

***She can’t get to the studio because she’s giving Evan a hummer at the bank while she fingers herself, causing abrasions on her clit from the huge rock on her hand that Evan gave her

3. Evans band is playing an important 2 week gig at the “Ease On Inn” in Lugnut, Louisianna and this could be their big break so she has to be there.

***Mike South’s band, “The Klan Lovers” is appearing at CBGBs in the village and she can’t wait to see him get lynched

2. All of the above

***None of the above from Mike or Wankus

And the Number 1 Reason why Totally Tera has been Teraless for the last 2 weeks

1. She Flaked

***Nope…she was with Jill Kelly on Stern this morning!

Leave the girl alone Mike. Maybe it’s fun for you, but if you knew the whole story, you probably wouldn’t be staying in the marina next time you visit LA.

Yes but if the “Whole Story” came from Tera….I wouldn’t believe a word of it…she has repeatedly proven that she lies compulsively, and she has done it to me.


I knew this would be fun!!!! I was around the day Tera came into the biz and I will be around the day when people have long forgotten the little one trick pony. Whatever fame Tera has at this point she owes largely to DP and Adella I’m old school about biting the hand that feeds ya. But all that aside…this is funny shit!

My Buddya Harry sends me the BEST reason!

Hey Hillbilly, the main reason Tera hasn’t been on Totally tera is because she is embarrassed because boyfriend Evan isn’t a good enough singer to go to porn star karaoke with everyone.

Harry, thats GENIUS! Evan Wank is crackin up on that one.

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Time to Fix it.

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