Tim Case Will Write You A Love Letter

Gomez Addams Wries:

Your boy Tim Case is branching out, he has an auction on ebay for custom writing.

“This auction is for an original piece of writing. You can specify a poem, an essay, or a short story, and it will be written by me on whatever theme or subject you choose. The maximum length will be 1500 words. My name is Timothy Walker, and I’m a Dayton, Ohio writer.”

Maybe you should bid on having him write for you again, he used to be pretty damn funny, not as funny as JimmyD but pretty damn funny none the less. Just think of the topics he could write about these days.

Maybe the new owners at AVN could hire him, God knows he is a better writer than anyone else they got over there plus it’d probably score a few points with you.

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Tim Case Will Write You A Love Letter

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  1. Wait a minute. Isn’t the very thing that makes a love letter special the fact that it was written by the person who lov—oh never mind.

    In the romantic stylings of DB….
    There once was a man from Nantucket

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