The Reverend Tim Case

I have been sitting on this one for a while, it’s a great story.

It seems that Tim case (That’s Mr Felicia Fox to you) was ordained as a Unitarian Minister back in the eighties.  On a lark Tim applied to the state for his credentials to perform wedding ceremonies.

He got them.

OK I can hear this all sinking into your heads now….the possibilities are endless.

Yes he manages a strip club, yes he has, at least in the past, claimed to be an atheist.

But now he can perform your wedding ceremony….he can also arrange your bachelor party, hell you could get married on his stage. Technically you could do the rehearsal dinner, the bachelor party, the ceremony, the reception and the honeymoon all in the same place….I mean how cool would it be to consummate your marriage in a VIP room with your new bride and  a stripper.

And how many people can say they were married in a strip club, by the strip club manager.

Finally a wedding you won’t HATE attending!

His first ceremony was for my friends Red and Kenny, and because this post needs visuals here is part of a video I shot of Red applying makeup.


If you would like to arrange a wedding package at Tim’s club contact me All or partially inclusive package deals (Catering, photographer, videographer, location, flowers etc.)  are available and affordable.

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The Reverend Tim Case

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