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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been:

Hunter S Thompson would have loved it, we a fight between miss congeniality and miss personality, porn stars pissing on a plastic sheep, Nakita Kash in pitiful desperation, a mohawk wearing brit ready to decapitate a frenchman with a strippers prop (but very real) sword, assorted paramedics and policemen, a fire alarm that went off when there was no fire and a fire that went off without setting off the fire alarms, I get a blowjob from Papillon thanks to Tom Zupko, I meet a China Doll and the jaws of life are called in to remove one porn chicks head from the ass of a company owner… all about it here over the next few days, a single simple update doesn’t do this Justice!

BTW The Fire Alarm:

That was disconnected, causing the evacuation of the hotel…was in room 529…Inari Vachs room.

9600cookie-checkBest Adult Industry Internet Site – Nightmoves Magazine!

Best Adult Industry Internet Site – Nightmoves Magazine!

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