Male Performer Faking Tests..How To Tell A Real one

There is a male performer who performs as Doc Holiday and other names faking his test from TTS.  No word how long it has been going on but he was busted on it today or yesterday.

Talent Testing Reminds everyone how to spot a fake

Fake TTS Results In The Industry – And How To Spot A Fake TTS Result
September 26th, 2014
Yesterday, an alert Producer in the Los Angeles area spotted a fake Talent Testing Service Inc. (TTS) paper result. According to Sixto Pacheco, President of TTS, this is the second time this year that someone tries to con the industry with a fake Talent Testing result. In both instances the person was caught and banned from the TTS testing system.
TTS would like to remind Talents, Agents and Producers that we have two key validation features in printed and web based Talent test result. that everyone can use:
QR CODES: Implemented on December 2011
We implemented QR Code Technology to protect the validity of all printed and web based results. All results now have a QRCode 2 Square below the results section of the report that when used in conjunction with any smart phone QR Code scanning software (such as ScanLife by Scanbuy, Inc. or Scan by QR Code City, LLC) it will show if the results are authentic and valid.
Once the barcode has been scanned, the browser will direct you to the TTS Mobile page that shows the Talent Id#, Date of Birth (DOB), Test Expiration Date (based on a 30-day testing cycle), and the actual test results. This technology will permit any user viewing an actual paper result to verify its authenticity on-demand.
If you don’t have access to software to read the QR Code, we provide an Authentication Code in each test performed. The Authentication Code for each test is found on the far right of each test result.
To use the code, simply visit, where you will find a big tab labeled Test Authentication. Clicking on it will show you a new page where you enter the authentication code and a security code and results will be displayed and validated.
TTS has always been ahead of the curve in implementing leading edge technology and innovation. In addition to the QR Code and mobile access features, Producers/Agents as well as Talents are provided with a personal online dashboard with access to historical and most up-to-date testing information. Talents can also set up automatic reminders for next test dates.
About Talent Testing Services, Inc. (TTS)
As the leader in setting testing standards for the industry, Talent Testing Service, Inc. (TTS) consistently offers talents safe, courteous, affordable and convenient testing through wholly owned subsidiaries or collaborating sites. Since 2007, TTS has provided the most advanced infectious molecular testing for the adult industry. TTS is a privately held company with headquarters in Miami, Florida with subsidiaries in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California. [email protected] Miami, FL (Headquarters) (305) 792 2090 / Los Angeles (818) 885 0812 / Las Vegas (702) 868 8900 Twitter: @talenttesting Facebook:

110190cookie-checkMale Performer Faking Tests..How To Tell A Real one

Male Performer Faking Tests..How To Tell A Real one

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30 Responses

  1. I have been singing the praises of the TTS verification system for years. There is simply no need for PASS, and this is a perfect example. And TTS does not charge producers or performers for accessing their verification systems, like PASS does.

    NOW, why are these people who have been caught redhanded not being publicly blacklisted? Their names should be all over the place, their agents should drop them, and they should be pariahs in the industry. If you google, “Gay porn star doc holiday” you get links to this name doing gay “Bareback” scenes,,,,,and he is FAKING tests!!!! Does this guy do straight scenes too, or does he work with guys who do straight porn also? Think about that female talent, the next time you’re working with a cross over male performer.

    There is no excuse, and this so called SELF REGULATING industry should have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on faking any test. But with the FSC PAYING a test forger I doubt this will ever happen.

  2. Whats to stop a HIV+ performer from having some disease free
    buddy take the test for him and claim he is the porn star?

  3. I have said before that I think the TTS system as currently designed is the better system. I would be more comfortable with a non-profit testing organization built to advocate for performers administering it (as long as competent people run the organization) but considering TTS is in business to make a profit they do an excellent job testing and verifying VD tests.

    Now for my feelings about the piece of shit that is faking test results. I think he should have his balls and dick cut off, shoved down his throat and salt pressed into the wounds left by the cutting off of his dick and balls, eliminating the chance of him performing in adult film ever again and leaving him with a painful infection from the salt in his wounds. Since this will not happen in the USA (unfortunately), I hope Mr. Holiday instead gets fucked up the ass by multiple donkey dick AIDS patients on a Treasure Island Media set and gets HIV from them (as they will be one of a very few producers that would hire scum like him). I hope that after being infected with the AIDS virus that Mr. Holiday not have access to expensive HIV medication and die a long, drawn-out, agonizingly painful death like John Holmes did.

  4. Aside from the fact that it is a felony, the photo on the ID required to set uup a TTS performer acount, and the requirement to show that photo id everytime you get tested pretty much eliminates that possibility.

    It might also be noted that vitually every lab these days has HIPPA compliant patient access to results, which again, renders the PASS system completely unnecessary, expect of course as a fundraiser for FSC.

    Sabrina, you are again correct. Using rapid tests, in addition to the routine testing is a no brainer. But this is porn, and doing the right thing is seldom seen.

  5. There was an incident at AIM once regarding someone faking tests. He came in with two photocopies of a test and asked if I could tell which one was fake., I looked at both, and immediately identified the fake test. He asked how I knew it was fake. I said to him, why do you want to know, so you can do a better job of it next time? He said that he wanted to know so he could spot a fake in the future. I said I wouldnt tell him, and he asked for the copies back,. I then put the fake inthe shredder and he got pissed off. A couple of months later this guy got fired from Evil Angel(Stagliano) for getting caught 3 times faking tests. Two months after that this same guy won an award as director of the year from some Urban X Awards(or something like that) He still works today. Yeah right, self regulating industry. ONLY IN PORN

  6. I don’t think you are annoying, Sabrina. I don’t even think Jilted is annoying and we disagree on a couple things a week. I do think on-set HIV testing is appropriate but feel that it should be an adjunct to (at least) monthly VD testing at a lab with the latest quick-detection tests. Another issue is that the rapid tests aren’t allowed to be sold in every state (Michigan is one where the rapid tests aren’t available at the local drug store — or at least weren’t last I checked, I don’t know if they are available in California or not). I suppose a producer could bring them in from another state (or order online, the Walgreens site sells the test for about $40, the site claims no restrictions on shipping) but if they aren’t legal for sale in the state of production they may not stand up in a court there if the issue is brought up there after rejecting someone on-set for a rapid-test HIV positive result.

    BTW Mike South does use the rapid-test for HIV as an adjunct to lab testing currently, at least in Georgia where the tests are available at a Walgreens pharmacy. I haven’t asked whether the tests are available in Florida where Mike also films scenes occasionally. Of course Mike could purchase tests in Georgia and bring them to set in Florida if availability there is an issue.

  7. @Sabrina

    If rapid test could give a one size fits all solution they would have become a standard long ago. Absolutely behind performers choosing to supplement routine lab testing with rapid testing for their risk assessment decisions. Don’t know of any fake HIV rapid tests being marketed …never looked into them or had them brought attention like bogus ‘clean’ rapid drug tests have been marketed for 15 years. They became so popular in 2001 that several WC insurers refused them as proof for drug-free employer credits.

    When rapid tests have method of assurance to ensure authenticity and include highest risk STI’s too …you’ll find me right behind you beating the drum and starting a parade;)

  8. @Jilted

    For casual consumer the TTS validation system is great…for labor purposes it doesn’t go far enough to ensure HIIPA compliance easily achieved via single use authentication codes generated on demand …IG one time debit/credit card single transaction use # generation. Single use Random generation access codes & the secondary verification code are keyed to test (panel) record to provide clarity if any questions arise but can’t be shared for re-use.

    Financial institutions won’t advertise but do acknowledge even this process is subject to fraud by those with enough determination & know how. Don’t see something like this happening until a producer (or several) get their asses in a sling via the process they thought a fine easy-peasy CYA. Test fraud is not only tolerated but advocated via test image ‘looks good’ why chance it and waste time scanning a QR code?

  9. The TTS system is 100% HIPPA complian, because it is the patient who provides others with the other person with the test result, and then that person uses the test result, provided by the patient, to verify the codes.

    “For labor purposes”<<<That is EXACTLY the problem Lurk. The producers, the labor side, are using the Harm Reduction, 'worker' program, and saying it is their program, and is their legal CYA for std's on set. The testing system in no way protects the producers(employers) from any liabilility whatsoever, not OSHA liability, not workers comp liability, nothing.

  10. Between TTS and their clients the system they use is absolutely HIPPA compliant and very smart business approach to prevent fallout via the buck that will get passed should Civil/Criminal/OSHA or WC etc. liability start biting other folks in the ass.

    TTS has obviously invested a tidy sum of cash & resources to implement a system to accommodate their client’s needs as well as protect that relationship if/when Labor HIPPA issues arise. Unless or until TTS is approached to consider implementing a single use verification system for Labor purposes they have no reason to consider doing so.

    With many who insist on testing unwilling to even utilize either method of verification (QR or web based) TTS offers it would be futile for them to even consider single use code verification. Besides that futility there’s the fact that trying to implement a single use verification code would adversely affect the client needs they are currently accommodating.

  11. Regarding Doc Holliday,
    My great, great, great grandfather was close friends with the real Doc Holliday. My 3g grandfather was a true pioneer in Denver Colorado in the 1870’s till his death in 1899, at which time he had ammased a fortune of 3million dollars.

    The territory of Arizona wanted to extradite and hang Doc for the shootout at the OK Corral, but George Tritch, and his other rich Colorado friend,and fellow German immigrant, Adolph Coors(Coors beer) convinced the govenor of Colorado to grant clemeny to Doc, who lived out his days, and eventually died in Colorado. One of my distant cousing, who lives in Denver, owns two of the guns used in the shootout at the OK Corral.

    George and Adolph were also personal friends with Bill Comstock,Bat Masterson, and Wyatt Earp among others. George Tritch was responsible for getting the Wells Fargo Stage Coach Line to come to the, at the time, little settlement of Denver Colorado.

    So much for the history lesson, I now return you to your regular shcedculed program

  12. Doc Holliday was a performer that piece of shit over at Therealpornwikileaks used to promote for free on his website which was a pirate site.
    Sean Tompkins is a loser that is in gay denial right now along with his lover
    Michael Whiteacre. The industry needs to use the “on set” testing Mike uses prior to shooting along with CET/TTS testing.

    Don’t trust nobody and don’t trust the crossover male talent.


  13. YES! He is a fucking fruit cake and gay performer homo. The girls in the industry today are a piece’s of shit and allow these gay guys to work with them and others need to be hung by the throat. Fuck those agents for bring that shit smelling asshole into the biz or at least the straight side.

    Doc Holliday is a friend of Texas Gay Blogger Sean Tompkins and Christianx and Michael whiteacre has shared a bed with him a few times.

    Fuck Cock suckers!

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