Why I Love Stormy Daniels

Yes, she is tall and pretty, she has no compunction about sucking cock or taking facials, but that aint it.

Yes she is smart and witty and successful, but that aint it either.

Yes she is going to cast me in her next movie, as the President, but that still ain’t it.

We were in Florida last week at the Exxxotica Miami show and next to the booth some guy was giving a seminar, the seminar was really a sales pitch for his how to make porn class in Tampa.

He was telling the people that with a single, self shot scene they could make over a half million dollars. How it’s simple to make millions of dollars a year in porn and only work part time.  I’m thinkin DAMN! I been doing it wrong all these years.

So you are probably wondering who this guy was…Jewn from Digital Playground? Nope! Steve Hirch from Vivid? Nope! Neil From Clips4Sale? Nope! This guy has less porn credentials than Tony Batman, who I like and am sure he hasnt made millions in porn. So me and Stormy and Nautica Thorn and Lisa Sparxxx and a few others peek in on this seminar, the guys partner onstage sees us and realizes impending disaster. He tries to cut the guy off but no….he is on a roll…theres MILLIONS of dollars to be made.

Stormy slips out and gets a big poster and on back, in big black sharpee she writes:




Then slips around backstage, slipping behind the curtains where the peopl on stage cant see her but the audience can.  She holds up the sign for everyone to see while the Og Mandino of porn is still giving his pitch.

We are all crying laughing, the guy never misses a beat and Stormy stands there a good 2 or 3 minutes, smiling sweetly.

Now there’s a chick after my own heart….You go Stormy!

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Why I Love Stormy Daniels

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  1. For a sec I thought the Xbiz show had been moved to Tampa but I read closer. Mike dont you think this is true of damn near every web show we have been to?

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