Stormy Daniels Hoofs It to Court Again

Porn star tries to get horse trainers’ $1M complaint against her dismissed

Adult film legend Stormy Daniels trotted into a Texas court to say she’s not responsible for ruining the lives of a horse trainer couple by mean-spiritedly trashing them and their business.

Why the long face?

Ellen Doughty-Hume and Alistair Hume sued Daniels and her now-estranged husband, Glendon Crain, for $1 million after the porn star went on a rampage, claiming the boarding center was responsible for the death of one of her horses. The couple filed charges of defamation, business disparagement and intentional infliction of emotional distress over claims Daniels smeared her former horse trainer as an animal ‘killer’ and falsely accused her of breaking into the porn star’s home.

The aging porn star, 39, also stands accused of calling Ellen, a former event rider, ‘autistic and mentally challenged’ and of harassing clients using her Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center business in Rockwall, Texas.

As The Daily Mail reported

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Kaufman, Texas, on July 13, Daniels had kept up to seven horses with Doughty-Hume at her ranch property in Rockwall.

In June 2016, one, named Bailey, was killed in a flash flood. According to Christine Renne, Doughty-Hume’s lawyer, Daniels was compensated via her insurance and brought further horses to the livery stable shortly after the accident.

But in September 2016, she removed her animals from Doughty-Hume’s yard and then, in December 2016, began posting what Renne describes as ‘false accusations’ against the trainer on equine website, Chronicle of the Horse.

The post, which dates from December 21 2016, is titled: ‘My horrible experiences with Texas horse trainer/instructor Ellen Doughty-Hume’ and goes on to accuse her of deliberately leaving Bailey to drown and of turning out another horse, Ziggy, in a hailstorm leaving him with ‘a career ending injury’.

Daniels also accuses Doughty-Hume, a former eventing champion, of leaving her barn in charge of an eight-year-old child, ripping off clients and being ‘a negligent and dangerous disgrace to horses, riders and the entire sport of eventing’.

Renne says all of the claims are unfounded, telling ‘Stormy Daniels went on a very public social media campaign trying to destroy my clients.

‘Originally it was confined to the horse community so everybody who knew my client knew that the allegations were patently untrue – we vehemently deny anything she posted on social media at any point.

‘When she didn’t get any satisfaction with her initial results, she escalated the matter and started posting things that were even more heinous.’

Motion to Dismiss

Stormy filed pleadings on October 15 requesting that the court dismiss the $1 million claim against her by the Humes.

In her pleading, Stormy denies the Humes’ allegations. Along with dismissing the case, Stormy wants her legal fees paid for by the Humes.

Of course, this is not the only equine drama involving Daniels of late. President Trump referred to her as “Horseface” in a tweet following his legal victory in their ongoing defamation case earlier this week.

h/t: The Blast

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Stormy Daniels Hoofs It to Court Again

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5 Responses

  1. She should start her own reality show called “Everybody Hates Stormy”. Maybe she could get Ray Romano to guest star?

  2. Stormy seems like a nice enough person but I have to question her intelligence. She starts off by going full bore against the leader of the free world (she is lucky she isn’t in Gitmo being tortured over that one) now she leaves her expensive race horses care to others and bitches when outside factors kill a horse and maim another one. Take care of your own fucking horses and don’t essentially declare war against the President of the United States. What you did to The Donald being done to Putin in Russia or literally 99% of other countries in the world would have put you in a Gulag to be tortured, forced to do extreme manual labor and probably daily sexual assault by Gulag guards. You are lucky you are only being sued for your stupid war against The Donald (you have a point but when it comes to world leaders you keep your mouth shut and swallow it in cases like this) and I hope you like being cavity searched for receipts when the inevitable IRS audit starts against your last six years tax returns!!!!!

  3. She made it hard for every other porn star escort. If I am rich and famous I would think 2x about spending time with a porn star escort after this. Discretion is important in that line of work when dealing with rich and famous people.

  4. So sad how the men on here take every opportunity to hate on women in porn.
    The owners of this place had a responsibility to keep Stormy’s horses safe & they failed.

    Escorting is illegal in the U.S. and Fosta/Sesta is more of a problem than Stormy. Trump didn’t keep it a secret, he invited her to several red carpet events. Perhaps MARRIED men shouldn’t cheat on their wives.

  5. @Sam38g

    “The owners of this place had a responsibility to keep Stormy’s horses safe & they failed”

    Stormy got an insurance payment for the horse killed in storm. I find it hard to imagine she didn’t have the second horse checked out for possible issues to be treated or mitigated down the road on the insurance company dime.

    Why are you assuming it was cheating? Applying the ‘ideals’ of ‘Christian’ marriage to every couple leaves very little room for reality that ‘marriage’ is truly defined by the two people exchanging vows. IG ‘open’ marriages ‘no questions no lies’ and ‘sex is okay emotions aren’t’

    Stormy did make it harder on escorts at the worst possible time compounding effects of FOSTA/SESTA. I know for a fact that men in ‘non-traditional’ marriages are now arranging to bring their spouses on trips as the cheaper alternative to risking their kids college funds. These upper middle class men aren’t ‘rich or powerful’ today but they are on the way up and see social media as a threat to limited consent implied with commercial sex.

    All the things escorts want to do to stay safe are the things men with futures are avoiding because it is too much of a risk. Disclosing legal name, legit phone, employer are all means to have a one time consensual transaction haunt the buyer for life…that is the harm Stormy and Avenatti brought. If Stormy left well enough alone with the 130K Davidson brokered for her all would have been fine…no she hooked up with Avenatti and got used as a pawn in his political games and aspirations.

    This lawsuit is Stormy getting a dose of what she dished out. She went after Trump for defamation forgetting she lives in a glass house.

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