You really wonder why you get banned from Instagram?

The world is not porn-friendly. That should be obvious to everyone right now, but clearly, it’s not because time and again these girls in our industry get blocked and don’t get it.

Just because sites like Google or offer URL shortening services, doesn’t mean you should use them.

What happens when you do? Let me show you –

Now let’s look at Instagram. They made their rules clear. NO PORN SHIT. And what do we have? Here is one girl thinking she’s smarter than Instagram that she’ll just block out her nipples and everything is fine.

But is it?

Let’s just wait a few more days and she’ll probably get her Instagram account banned and then sit on twitter all day bitching how she didn’t post anything bad.

She’s not the only one. Here is Nicky Rebel posting a full-on facial.

And here we have Ashley Fires bare ass cheeks. Doesn’t matter what she has on panties. She is still exposing her bare ass cheeks.

And yet another. This time we have Anya Olson’s bare ass cheeks.

Life isn’t fair. It’s true.

These things shouldn’t be wrong. But they are. Get over it already and start following the rules of social media or shut the fuck up when you get your shit banned.

Listen I agree it’s bullshit. I don’t like the rules either but I don’t own Instagram or other mainstream services so I don’t get to make the rules.


247100cookie-checkYou really wonder why you get banned from Instagram?

You really wonder why you get banned from Instagram?

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  1. Yet chicks with their breasts totally exposed with nipples and all don’t get deleted. Really lame.

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