Watch out for Kevin Douglas aka Jay Cortez from Texas

I think most girls in porn get their share of scumbags on social media, but this one really just stands out in a class all by himself. After he attempted to contact former porn performer Kianna Bradley and she didn’t respond to his liking, things got ugly.

Only one time in my whole adult Career have I been threatened with rape
And it saddens me everyday to see this happen to girls in the industry or not.. and then when you block them and try to avoid them they just make different social media pages to contact you other wise
I recently saw a post that Disturbed me completely. And I thought hmmmmm how would they like it if they were harassed and threatened and feel violated. What better way to do this then blast him all over social media and let my fans handle it . ???. This piece of shit. Threatening rape!! Making different accounts. Bothering these young ladies is pretty pathetic . Well enjoy your reading pleasure everyone be sure to drop by any one of his pages and let him know what you think about this!! Thank u!! Enjoy your Memorial weekend please be safe . And I believe his number is posted on one of those pictures

259530cookie-checkWatch out for Kevin Douglas aka Jay Cortez from Texas

Watch out for Kevin Douglas aka Jay Cortez from Texas

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  1. There are just too many broken and disturbed people in the world.

    Question is: Is it getting worse or have the same number of fucknuts always been around but due to social media it gets more attention?

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