Tweet of the day goes to Kate Kennedy @KateKennedyxxx

Please note that when you say things like “I’m not shooting professional porn anymore bc directors are disrespectful, talent is rude to me, etc,” what we actually heard was “I’m difficult on set and probably not very fun to hang out with.” — Kate Kennedy


Preach it girl!

Now I don’t wanna name names but let’s just say she ain’t wrong.




509350cookie-checkTweet of the day goes to Kate Kennedy @KateKennedyxxx

Tweet of the day goes to Kate Kennedy @KateKennedyxxx

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  1. Social Media and fanbois have given the girls monstrous egos. Post pics of yourself daily and have hundreds to thousands of fanbois praising you for how beautiful and sexy you are and it does not take long before the girl becomes an asshat.

  2. I agree. Some porn performers get a big head. However, if some chick offered to pay me $1000 a month to make her a pay pig or verbally torture her I would probably do it as well. You have porn chicks with 4-5 people she is doing that to, that can make performing on set aggravating and tiring in comparison. There is also the Only Fans, ModelCentro, ManyVids and Clips 4 Sale route, once they get their name out there they make five times what they could working 10 days a month in the traditional porn industry there. We now have women doing just enough porn to get or keep their names out there and making their real money off of clips and streaming sites. Some still go the stripping route but even there the money is less than streaming and clips sites (although more than doing ten days of scenes each month). I am told (and pretty much verified on the Clips 4 Sale type site they use) that even Jeff Mike Steward of JM Productions fame and his adorable wife are going that route to make porn again. Jeff Mike had got out of making porn because of the low profit margins in traditional gonzo porn nowadays (he does still sell DVDs and downloads of his back catalog but hasn’t produced much in years other than the C4S type videos with his adorable wife). I wonder how much he would pay me to tie up and fuck the shit out of his wife, there has to be a market for an old, fat elephant to fuck adorable women somewhere (she is about 35-38 years old but she looks barely legal).

  3. Mia Khalifa has millions of followers and 301k liked her post just today. She still uses the Mia Khalifa name to keep her porn noteriety but claims she only made 12k making porn.

    With millions of followers I am sure she has more then made up for the 12k iwith ad revenue.

  4. on the bright side, Leah Luv is back in the industry and hopefully Remy Lacroix will follow.

  5. Remy LaCroix is cute. I hope she does kinky scenes where she is tied up and fucked. Of course, that assumes she would be comfortable with that type of scene. I have an idea for Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead. Get Holly Randall, Jacky St. James, Erika Lust, Nica Noelle, Bailey Rayne and Remy LaCroix for Craven’s Girls Under Arrest series, handcuff them from behind in an arrest scenario then have four corrupt narcotics defectives make them an offer they can’t refuse — get arrested and sent to prison for (fill in the blank) or let the defectives fuck them with the handcuffs still on. Of course I am dreaming but that would be one hell of a hot scene! It is sad for porn fans that many of the female directors in this industry are hotter than 85% of the talent but that is the case today.

  6. I can’t say for sure but I haven’t come across anything saying they weren’t, Mr. Blue. I am sure if Kayden split from Manuel she would have 20 people knocking down her front door for a chance to date her and it would hit this website faster than Donald Trump grabs pussies at a Presidential event (especially the now former Press Secretary Sarah Fuckabee-Sanders). 🙂

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