The tweet of the day goes to Gia Love @GiaLoveXXX

And before you ask, no this isn’t photoshopped. She really said this. #facepalm


276240cookie-checkThe tweet of the day goes to Gia Love @GiaLoveXXX

The tweet of the day goes to Gia Love @GiaLoveXXX

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  1. I thought I had a weird, fucked up sense of humor but Gia’s tweet and humor takes the cake. There is no way in hell that that tweet is serious. I do wonder if someone actually took her seriously and tried to get her location to bring her some “blow” (likely cocaine) and get a blowjob, though. The chick definitely got my attention but I don’t pay for blowjobs with cocaine (and she isn’t likely anywhere near me anyway). I will try to see what she looks like, though.

  2. I looked at Gia’s Twitter. The racist joke tweet is still up along with a couple others that are questionable at best made within the past 24 hours. She isn’t a bad looking chick, her face looks slightly weird (certainly not ugly) but her body is actually decent looking, I certainly hope she hasn’t ruined her adult film career with this. I wonder if she did some “blow” and it brought out her racist and fucked up side. She has had her Twitter account since July 2013 so she has evidently been around the industry in some fashion since then.

  3. Further investigation of the comments about her tweet show that Hussie Models released her because of her racist tweet. I wouldn’t have thought Riley would have done that, he is rumored to put up (and give) a lot of shit from/to talent. I don’t think an agent should release talent for isolated incidents like her Twitter tweet but if it is her MO (like it was for Davina Davis) releasing her would be appropriate. Honestly, I don’t even know if Spiegler would release talent for an isolated racist incident and he is the strictest (and most honest) agent in the business. Multiple racist incidents would almost certainly cause Spiegs to release a person but two tweets within minutes of each other without a record of racist behavior I don’t know. Derek has released for similar behavior before so he might.

  4. Wow is all I can say. I think it’s not a joke based on her other tweets. I love how you can vote and tell her to suffer. Wild shit!

  5. That’s pretty solid humor, even if it is edgy. Even the racial stuff is multi-faceted. I won’t insult your intelligence by breaking it down, but she’s got a sense of humor.

  6. Spawn, she may have said it in jest. However, she was stupid to post it on Twitter. Someone could have seen that, been offended, saw her on the streets of Chatsworth and beat her ass. In this excessively PC society even hinting at racism against blacks is enough to get you tossed out of your job (which essentially she was unless she is prepared to self-book although at least she probably doesn’t have to pay that creep Riley Reynolds 10% of her paychecks anymore). Sorry, that is the way it is. If a person expects to work in mainstream porn, don’t make racist jokes in a public forum. I don’t think she should have lost her management over two racist jokes probably made while high on (as she puts it) “blow” (likely cocaine). If she was acting like an ass at filming locations or picking fights with black performers it would be a different story but I hadn’t even heard of her before today and if she was overtly racist elsewhere she would have hit the radar of someone by now like Davina Davis did. I do suggest that Gia back off of the cocaine and other drugs she may be doing and apologize on Twitter, though. It might save her adult film career.

    I have one related question. If I were a producer, had booked Gia through Riley (Hussie) and still wanted to cast her in the planned scene, now that Riley no longer represents her could he legally go to court to force me to re-cast the role now that her booking agent has disavowed her if he calls with an alternate performer and asks me to replace Gia with whomever he wants me to replace her with?

  7. Right now Riley is probably scared shitless he is going to the vaseline factory. He will probably NOT want to make waves in the legal system and draw more attention to him or his agency. Probably why he cut her lose too.

  8. Riley is probably very scared of going to bubba land and having to deal with “five bubba clubs”. However, IME having racist talent isn’t going to affect his possible fraud, obscenity and/or trafficking case — especially with racist Jeff Sessions at the helm of the agency making that decision. Now if she was using Riley’s model house to traffic in “blow” (since she evidently likes it so much that she will blow some stranger for it) that could bite him in the ass. However, no one is making that accusation publicly. On the other hand, Riley’s best buddy Jax Slayher might have had something to say about this (he is black). I don’t have any information either way but if he was the talent that Gia was slamming in her Twitter post, I can see where Riley would cut her loose from his talent roster. Either way, Gia’s post was stupid at best and detrimental to her career and possibly life if someone is highly offended by her racist comment and sees her on the streets of Chatsworth or on a porn set in the future.

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