Snapchat Warning! MAJOR DELETION

Just a head’s up … if you have a public SnapChat story right now might want to delete it. Rumor is the FanCentro top girls are getting their snapchat’s deleted at a rapid rate.

Remember Snapchat has very strict anti-porn rules and if you are caught and they delete your account, the “ban” is considered permanent and you can’t legally create a new account.


482790cookie-checkSnapchat Warning! MAJOR DELETION

Snapchat Warning! MAJOR DELETION

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  1. Lots of girls work their private snapchats for fish (I mean fanbois) and extra income.

  2. Anyone know of other accounts that were hit besides for Karmen and Lana? If this is it, everyone just switches over to OnlyFans and the world keeps on turning. Not like we all didn’t expect this to happen one day.

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