The Realities of Making Bank on Social Media!! $$$$

Everyone seems to want to be an “influencer” these days. Before it was called insta-model for girls who showed off their bodies on Instagram, Viner for people who made those short videos on Vine before it died off, or YouTuber for those who posted videos on YouTube. But now, we’ve combined all the platforms and just call these social media folks, influencers. In other words, they use social media to try and influence you to buy something.

Some influencers have more power than others. Kendall Jenner, for example, was recently paid $250,000 to make a single post about an upcoming festival being held in the Bahamans, The Fyre Festival, which as we all know now, turned out to be a scam.

Kendall Jenner didn’t even go to the event, she was at Coachella. But that’s neither here nor there. She was still paid big ass bucks to promote this Fyre Festival.

Jenny McCarthy will tell her 1.3 million twitter followers about whatever you want for only $3,500 plus another $600 if you want her to make a video about it.

Blac Chyna will tell her 1 million Facebook fans whatever you want for only $2,000. Of course, if you want her to make a video about it, that will be another $500.

Let’s just say, the use of social media as an advertising tool likely isn’t going anywhere soon—especially as long as a supply of famous faces are willing to play the game.

In the non-adult word, even non-famous girls are making bank.

Hell, some fashion bloggers with a top fashion blogger can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, according to an article at Of course, that’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the $100,000 to $300,000 for a single post on Instagram that Kylie Jenner charges.

Danielle Bernstein is a model. Well, more like an insta-model. But don’t be so fast to discount her. She’s also a personal style blogger and if you want her to promote your brand, you know – model your shit, she charges $5k to $15k. Yep, you heard me right, as much as $15,000 to put on a swimsuit and take a selfie.

Captiv8, a company that connects brands to influencers, says someone with three million to seven million followers can charge, on average, $187,500 for a post on YouTube, $75,000 for a post on Instagram or Snapchat and $30,000 for a post on Twitter. For influencers with 50,000 to 500,000 followers, the average is $2,500 for YouTube, $1,000 for Instagram or Snapchat and $400 for Twitter.

So what are the options for porn stars?

Because they aren’t considered “family friendly” most porn stars don’t get offers from big brands to promote their products. But that’s not to say they aren’t making bank with their social media presence.

Porn stars have other avenues of making money. First, they can sell access to their private SnapChat, through companies like for $19.99 to $29.99 a month.

The rumor is, porn stars are making an incredibly amount of money as compared to the traditional “membership website”. A typical porn star might only make a few hundred bucks a month on an official website, while a top star may bring in $2k to $4k a month. PornStars who sell access to their private SnapChat, however, are rumored to be bringing in as much as $10k a month in some cases.

They can sell access to their private twitter feed through Porn stars charge anywhere from $5 to $30 per month.

Dillion Harper, for example, sells access to her OnlyFans (private twitter feed) for $8.99 per month. As of this moment, she’s made 249 posts, which include 168 photos, and 47 video clips.

Megan Rain charges $20 a month for access to her OnlyFans (private twitter feed). As of this moment, she’s made 37 posts, which includes 38 photos, and 11 video clips. With 164 fans that means she’s making $3,280 a month from the site.

Abigail Mac charges $15 a month for access to her OnlyFans (private twitter feed). At this moment she’s made 125 posts which include 69 photos and 46 video clips. With 122 fans that means she’s making $1,830 a month from the site.

Keep in mind that’s in addition to the money they make from the movies they appear and their feature dancing gigs.

Some porn stars like Bree Olson sell “follow backs” on sites like Periscope. In other words, send Bree Olson something like $20 and she’ll follow you back on Periscope. Rumor is, she’s made as much as $35,000 doing this. She doesn’t even get naked on Periscope. She just randomly chats with her fans or lets them watch her do things like cook dinner or do her hair. If she follows you back, then when she broadcasts you can talk to her while she streams her video live.

The crazy thing is, fans would actually get a much larger amount of content featuring their favorite porn star if they joined their official website, but they don’t. Instead, they pay for things like private access to see them on SnapChat, OnlyFans or Periscope.


Because they want to feel that connection.

They want that personal experience and they are willing to pay for it.

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The Realities of Making Bank on Social Media!! $$$$

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3 Responses

  1. I really like the onlyfans concept for porn girls and I am happy to see it is working for some of them.

    Membership sites at 30 bucks a month are just not going to get many subscribers for the girls unless they are a megastar.. and even then, it is a small number. Those days are long gone of it being a money maker.

    The sub 10 dollar a month subscription model works, and it works great…. Netflix, streaming music, etc… it just seems to be a price point that the consumer will pay to multiple places.

    And these onlyfan sites are like twitter with short video clips, instagram style posts, and so on…. a personal touch and far more interactive from a fan perspective than a standard membership site.

    Thing with porn girls, is most of them are terrible at promoting their brand and making money, so it’s scenes and escorting when their scene income is in the toilet. It takes work to build an onlyfans account or book feature dancing gigs.. but it can be rewarding if done right.

    There still is six figure incomes available without escorting if the girls want to work hard and promote and build these various avenues of income.

  2. Do you get all the models for $10 a month or is it $10 per model/porn star?

  3. Karma, my understanding is each performer charges a fee for access to his/her own OnlyFans account. Therefore (for example) if you want to access three separate performers OnlyFans account you must pay each performer separately. I think this has come about as Twitter starts randomly shutting down performer accounts, many times without discernible reasons (and no reason given to the account owner). I suspect some government law enforcement agency is involved in these Twitter account shutdowns, a large company like Twitter can’t afford to deal with a large amount of government interference in its daily business so if the FBI or DOJ doesn’t like what a performer is posting they can threaten Twitter with increased interference with daily operations (for example through demands to verify the pictured person’s age for every sexually explicit or naked picture posted on any open-access account on a daily or even hourly basis — with the number of people posting these types of pictures online that would make it impossible for Twitter to operate profitably or at all) if they don’t shut down performer accounts on demand.

    Twitter, being a for-profit business, is going to take the route of least resistance which is to simply shut down porn performer accounts as demanded by US government officials. I suspect Twitter leadership has been told by government officials to keep this likely fact secret subject to increased government interference in its daily activities if they reveal what is going on. An OnlyFans account is less likely to attract government scrutiny as access is virtually unavailable to anyone under 18 while porn performer Twitter accounts usually have free access to anyone in the Western world with a computer which makes certain agencies government agents more likely to try to censor Twitter accounts over OnlyFans accounts.

    With Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General (and the head of the DOJ) having his proverbial gun sights on porn I expect Twitter accounts to be shut down left and right (if Twitter doesn’t decide to cave to government pressure and ban all sexually explicit posting activity completely) very soon. I expect OnlyFans to eventually replace Twitter for most porn performer sexually explicit posting activity for this reason. That $5 or $10 per month charge is what will protect those accounts from government monitoring and scrutiny as very few minors have credit cards to pay for access (the government’s concern here is likely the possibility of a minor’s access to sexually explicit posts and pictures).

    I believe the fees will be kept as low as possible so more fans will access these OnlyFans accounts and the purpose of the access fees will be mainly to keep government officials from demanding their accounts be shut down on minor’s access concerns, OnlyFans accounts will become another way to promote their careers and the money made from them will be a secondary concern. I hope I am wrong about government officials interfering with porn performer Twitter accounts but I strongly suspect I am not. If there wasn’t an overriding reason (in this case a de facto mandate by government officials) to not give performers a reason for their accounts being shut down without warning Twitter officials would be giving them the actual reason for doing so.

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