ManyVids Allows Imitation Underage Content

Former girl/girl performer, multiple award nominee, and Penthouse Pet Ayumi Anime has reappeared in the content game and now selling pedophilia-themed clips. Yesterday she posted this picture of her with a Snapchat filter that makes the user look like a child captioned “RT if you like little girls like I do”. A few months ago a handful of performers took a stance against girls (and guys) using this filter on their premiums for obvious reasons, it seems Ayumi didn’t get the memo though.

via Ayumi Animes Twitter: “RT if you like little girls like I do”

The actual video has gotten some buys prompting the auto-tweet from ManyVids promoting her video. Here it is:

Ayumi Anime’s ManyVids video called “Dad fucked his 9 y/o. Asian daughter”

She later goes on the claim that she meant to type “Dad fucked his 19 y/o Asian daughter” instead of “Dad fucked his 9 y/o Asian daughter” but lets be honest, who are you trying to fool with the filter (it literally has a baby rattle in it). Also if you look at some of the first tweets towards her about how wrong this is she tries to defend it at first by saying “it’s my fantasy :)” but then switching over to ‘it was a typo’.

Ayumi defends her video by saying “it’s her fantasty :)”

Another person comments “this is so wrong” and her response is “Isn’t that a genius idea? :D”

Filters that make you look like pre-pubescent children are not “genius” to use on adult content videos…

This video was being sold on ManyVids and she coincidentally is #1 in trending. ManyVids, even if she changes the name and description of the video. Even if it was just a joke or a Snapchat filter, she is imitating child pornography by literally morphing herself into a baby. This video goes against #1 in your “Upload Rules” which reads:

“No Underage material real or simulated (Ex.: sex with dolls, reference to infants, newborns or children in any way) – All actors must be and appear 18 years of age or older”

ManyVids, your #1 clip seller is at the top due to an imitation child porn she made.

To restate what I said above: this girl in this video does NOT look to be anywhere close to the age of ’18 years or older’. Remove this video from your site.

I will personally be writing to ManyVids to get a comment from them on this, hopefully they will remove it as well.


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ManyVids Allows Imitation Underage Content

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2 Responses

  1. Yeah, that video needs to be removed then the camera it was recorded on shoved up Ayumi’s ass (assuming that she is actually an adult). That picture looks to be of a nine year old, even with a filter there is no fucking way that girl is 18 in real life. That was actual child porn and not a recording of Ayumi acting like a nine year old, I hope the authorities get right on this, arrest Ayumi and her pedophile friends and find out who the poor kid was. No nine year old kid should have to be in a porno getting raped (a nine year old cannot consent to sex so no matter what, it was rape). I would remove the picture of this nine year old with her bare vagina blocked out and edit it so only the picture of the poor girl without her bare vagina in the picture at all appears. I don’t know if having that picture on the site is enough to elicit a child porn investigation or not but it isn’t worth the risk.

  2. Manyvids should be held responsible for putting this video out!!!! The photo looks like a photo shot put on a child body with her face on it. Remember that many porn makers will do anything to make a few dollar at someone expenses. Not defending her but Manyvids is also responsible for putting this video out. There two sides of every story

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