Instagram to restore 1,000 adult performer accounts BUT there are still rules to follow …

Today the APAG made a huge announcement. After meeting with Instagram on Wednesday, they already got an update.

“We just got an update from Instagram, they are going through the almost 1000 users now that were deleted and deactivated right now. They responded quickly.. “


Just remember to those who will be getting their lost accounts back, rules still apply. This is your one and only free pass. If you violate the rules again you will lose your account. Here are some rules to keep in mind.

  • No nudity of any kind – ever. This means no boobs, no nipples, vag (especially bush) or ass shots.
  • No promotion of pornographic websites. This includes your premium snapchat or sites like CamSoda, your personal website or even your OnlyFans.
  • Don’t post anything sexually suggestive. Even if the image shows your boobs and you censor it, the image could still be a violation due to it being sexual in nature.
  • Do not post pictures showing your bare ass cheeks — even if you are wearing a swimsuit or panties, bare ass cheeks are a big fat NO NO on Instagram.
  • Don’t post photos that promote an adult movie you were in, even if those photos/videos aren’t nude or hardcore. You are still promoting porn on their platform and that’s a big no-no as well.

Just because someone else does it, doesn’t mean you can do it too. Follow the rules and don’t risk your account.

Pop star Selena Gomez once posted a nude image of herself on Instagram and you know what? She got away with it.

But as an adult movie star if you were to post something similar, it will most likely cause you to lose your account – so just don’t do it!

If you want to keep your Instagram account follow the guidelines I’ve posted above. Don’t be stupid and post risky things just because you know it will get you more likes. What good is a bunch of likes today if it means you’ll lose your account tomorrow?

BE SAFE and keep it PG at all times.


479120cookie-checkInstagram to restore 1,000 adult performer accounts BUT there are still rules to follow …

Instagram to restore 1,000 adult performer accounts BUT there are still rules to follow …

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2 Responses

  1. Many (if not almost all the girls) use their IG and TW accounts to funnel fans to their premium snapchat, Patreon, Onlyfans, or clips4 sale using their IG acct.

    Because the girls also escort and some openly say they are available (like KS) Instagram might be afraid of being involved with Human Trafficking and being put out of business like Backpage.

  2. No bare cheeks, even in a swimsuit, So I guess pretty much every IG model is in violation of the rules.

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