Haley Reed calls out Nat Turnher for Theft

Porn star Haley Reed (@HaleyReedX) spoke out today against Nat Turnher (@natturnher) for stealing money from her. If that wasn’t bad enough he’s now sending friends to threaten her.

Haley Reed calls out Nat Turnher for Theft

I will say it over and over and again. Nat Turnher stole a lot of money from me by the means of promising to pay me back and then going ghost after I gave it to him. Obviously it was my mistake to ever trust him but don’t think for a moment……that I won’t drag his name down with this. I think it’s gross what he did. And now he and his friends are threatening me with things like “#getthestrap” and telling me that he has women ready to “handle it” for him.

315370cookie-checkHaley Reed calls out Nat Turnher for Theft

Haley Reed calls out Nat Turnher for Theft

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7 Responses

  1. Assuming what Haley said is true (and Kelli is pretty good about verifying a source’s claims) Nat needs to “get the strap” himself. That phrase comes from 1950’s and 1960’s Deep South America where if a kid fucked up he got beat by a leather strap. Slaves were also beaten with leather straps when their owners thought they got out of line. With Nat being black and hopefully knowing this history it is ironic that he would threaten someone with a beating using a leather strap. Under normal circumstances I would never threaten or suggest that to a black person but since evidently he likes to beat women with leather straps he should learn what it is like himself. 50 hard whacks with the strap should teach him a lesson. I wonder if Haley should contact law enforcement assuming she can’t have it handled appropriately by vigilante friends of hers.

  2. M Harris you couldn’t be any more way off if you tried. Nat is from 1 town over from me on Long Island. Roosevelt. Other famous sons Dr J, Eddie Murphy & Howard Stern. To me it sounded even worse. To be strapped in the hood means to have a sidearm.

  3. What is law enforcement going to do about what sounds like a civil matter? Sue him. Isn’t he a personal trainer too? Why’s he asking a porn chick for money?

  4. Either Haley has the worst luck or she is a drama queen. A while back there was a story here about Chris Stokes tossing her a beating.

  5. The phrase comes from 50 cent, he types #getthestrap in every IG post. Whoever is send her messages did not type that based on anything from the 1950’s.

  6. I highly doubt Nat was talking about a 1950s belt. There’s a song by Uncle Murda get the strap

  7. Big, I was unaware that “get the strap” meant get a gun. As for law enforcement, in most states such a threat is enough for a restraining order (which if violated is a felony) at minimum and in some states threatening to beat or kill someone (legally) unprovoked is a criminal charge in and of itself. I agree that the debt itself is a civil matter.

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