Dani Daniels Tells Scammed Fans To Stop Being Stupid

Dani Daniels posted a message on her Instagram page to her fans that have recently been scammed by some fake accounts, people pretending to be her.

I DO NOT LIVE IN GHANA!!! This is a whole-ass rant… buckle up baby because it’s been YEARS of this and I’m done being nice. i wish I could set the location on this post to NOT GHANA! Some idiot will still comment on this post “how did they get my photos blah blah blah” BITCH ITS CALLED GOOGLE AND MY BUTTHOLE’S BEEN ON IT FOR 9 YEARS WISE THE FUCK UP!

331430cookie-checkDani Daniels Tells Scammed Fans To Stop Being Stupid

Dani Daniels Tells Scammed Fans To Stop Being Stupid

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4 Responses

  1. She has a valid point, I truly don’t understand the people that fall for these type of scams.

  2. Hard to believe people still shovel money via western union to nations in Africa or Asia because someone you are emailing online says they love you and have an emergency or need money for a plane ticket to see you!

    So I guess some guys are talking to “dani” who is living in Ghana and is telling them “you are my man, i want to be with you” and “oh, I have a family emergency, i need 1000″ and so forth”.

  3. How idiotic does someone have to be to think Dani lives in Ghana? Ghana is in the middle of fucking Africa and the people from there are black as the Ace of Spades! What fucking morons, if they sent Fake Dani their money they deserve to lose it!

  4. Only she gets to fleece her fans thru private snapchat, onlyfans, and such social media. She is just mad some scammer from Ghana is trying to take food off of her table.

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