Bella Rose Says I’m Not Racist But You Might Be! @XXXBellaRose

Bella Rose recently took to twitter to discuss racism, doing IR and those who call her a racist. Her multiple tweets on the subject are copied for you below.

Wished I could say I lived in a country where I can have my own opinions and am free. I don’t feel as if I’m allowed or others are either. everyone is so bitchy and judgy… I wanna live in a diff country

Everyone just calls everyone racist. Like cmon… you are racist for thinking if something doesn’t go you are way the person must be racist because they are not the same color or whatever… did it ever occur that’s not the problem. Racism exists cause we still talk about it.

Bella Rose Says -I'm Not Racist- @XXXBellaRose

Like my great great grandparents may or may not have (I don’t even know) had slaves but nobody now does. And that’s not our problem what our ancestors did. Like wtf ? Nobody cares what color you are until you make everything about that. Nobody cares. Just be u and stfu

And that’s why I don’t do IR- because it’s about race and it’s a big deal. So instead of calling me racist maybe you’ll look on my side and see how I’m exactly opposite because I don’t wanna Condone in anything that’s based on color and the whole point of most IR is racist to me

So please stop calling me racist. If it wasn’t made such a big deal that little white girls fuck a different color and have to say “I like your bbc” maybe on camera I would do IR. But the whole thing around it is racist against your own race

How can I be the racist one cause I’m white and don’t do IR? But you aren’t for calling me a little white girl and wanting me to say “I like your bbc” that’s racist. But if you chose not to work with little white girls you wouldn’t be racist… DOUBLE STANDARD

I have had sex with every skin color. I just choose not to make it a big deal… especially like the camera does with porn… sorry. I don’t condone in that behavior. But I’m sure I’ll get called racist for explaining I’m not again… but f it. I deserve to stick up for myself

People just call anyone whatever they can if someone disagrees they attack instead of trying to understand. It’s sick

Or you can open your eyes to what I’m saying. Off camera where it’s not made a extra big deal and nobody bullies or calls me this or that I have had Sex with every race. U don’t even know what your talking about.

I probably shouldn’t even speak up about this cause I will only get bullied in and out of the industry. But sometimes my beliefs are so strong and opinions it’s not fair for me to be walked all over and not have a say back in what I think or feel. I get a say too.

I get death threats and emails daily for the last 3 years from men calling me racist this or they. When In fact I’m the opposite. But only bc I choose not to condone in racism I’m racist.. look at the bigger picture. I have men sending me death threats. That’s a whole other issue

Point is maybe you are the racist one. For thinking everything is racist… it wouldn’t exist if people would just stfu and except each other and treat each other equal. But they don’t. And i don’t condone in that- so I guess that makes me “racist” such BS!!!!!


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Bella Rose Says I’m Not Racist But You Might Be! @XXXBellaRose

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12 Responses

  1. When will people get it through their fucking heads that performers have the right to fuck or not fuck whomever they wish (as long as full consent of all fuckees is obtained). Bella’s take on IR is unique, I wish her well and hope she isn’t harassed over her stance on this one. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck if she is racist or not — she doesn’t deserve death threats over living and voicing her opinion! Bella needs to report the death threat to the FBI, use it to get her concealed pistol permit (almost impossible to get in most of California unless you carry thousands of dollars at a time for a job, are a law enforcement officer, are a judge or have multiple death threats against you, Bella now has the death threats if she thought to not delete them), learn how to aim and fire that pistol in stress situations and hopefully she never has to use it in self defense or defense of others. I wish Bella the best and hope she is never threatened with the loss of her life again.

  2. It’s same mentality that also applies to Homophobia. If a girl chooses not to work with crossover or gay talent (RIP August Ames) then she must hate gay people.

    When it comes to social media SJW White Knight cucks are everywhere always outraged over something.

  3. Karmafan, if a porn chick didn’t want to fuck w gay guys she’d be strictly doing G/G.

  4. Man fuck that racist dumb bitch, I hope she go suck a KKK/Trump dick and get HIV and died. BTW fuck you mharris127

  5. Agent Baller, fuck you up the ass with a baseball bat, too. It isn’t always racist on the part of the performer not to work with black performers. Unfortunately the racism is in the fan base, many if not most whites will no longer be a fan if a white female performer fucks a black person. It is a monetary decision for most performers, unfortunately they have to make “racist” decisions to financially survive in this industry unless they want to specialize in white on black scenes and milk that much smaller fan base. Bella is making a stand against the racism in promotion and filming of certain adult movies and whether I agree with it or not I think she has that right. Performers also have the absolute right to fuck or not fuck whomever she wishes (as long as the other person consents if he/she is fucking him/her).

  6. Matt;s right:

    Years ago Carmella Bing was asked why she never performed with black men and she replied “my fans don’t want to see that” or something similar to that.

  7. mharris127 for one there are women who begin their career of doing IR like Nina Harley, Tori Black, and Sasha Grey. but black women can’t refuse a scene with white men because if they do then they will be blacklisted. Also, black men can’t speak out against racist against companies or performers who refuse to hire him because of there color. Black both male and female have a much harder time in porn. I both you and Kamrfan are both racist and don’t want to see blacks in porn be successful, it sounds like you put black people in porn down. How funny this page Mike South is run by another racist agency LA Direct model who won’t allow their girls to work with black men. mharris you are a white racist punk-ass bitch who needs to get his ass kick. I hope you that baseball bat get shove into your white racist ass. As for Mike South, we know it’ not the real Mike Sout who also work with LA Direct

  8. LOL I am a racist just because I posted a quote by a porn star that supports Matt’s post?

  9. Agent Baller has a chip on her shoulder. I don’t have any problem with blacks having success in this business, I actually wish society and this business were less racist and that fucking blacks here wouldn’t cost performers jobs and money. However, the industry money is on women that don’t do IR. The first IR scene might be a big payday but after that it actually costs them money. Nina Hartley isn’t the best reference about this due to her being the only GILF in the industry (although Julia Ann is close), people with that fetish don’t have much of a choice but to watch her.

    As for me being racist, all or almost all white people in the US are racist, it is just the matter of what degree. I am 75% white and 25% Cree Indian/First Nations so that includes me. I have actually been accused by multiple blacks of not being racist enough, though. Regarding that baseball bat, you better carry it — with your attitude you will get that ass kicking you want for me soon enough, maybe at the next AEE convention this January.

  10. mharris127 BS and one you don’t want to mess with me because I will bring my boys at AEE to kick your white ass, take that your racist white fag

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