Ava Addams says enough already!

Porn star Ava Addams tweeted a message to her fans this morning – stop requesting she work with DogFart. She says she would never work with such a company and if anyone else tweets her about it, she’s going to block them. Ouch!

She goes on to say she just loathes the companies name. Can’t say that I disagree.

313845cookie-checkAva Addams says enough already!

Ava Addams says enough already!

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2 Responses

  1. People who hate the name Dogfart will appear on a box cover for another company TRAILER TRASH HOS or FUCKING MY STEPBROTHER

  2. Ava has a right to not work with companies she doesn’t like, I even say that about performers not into BDSM and therefore not working for Kink, Severe or Insex (and most people reading know how I like moderate BDSM). I can see where she wouldn’t want to work with DogFart, most of their scenes are mini-gangbangs with “well hung” black performers literally “straight outta Compton”, most of whom only do scenes for them and don’t work for other companies. Personally, as long as performers know what they are getting into I don’t see where DogFart is that bad of a company but I get it if their scenes aren’t for someone. Ava is cute and MILFy (I think she is over 30, if not I apologize), I think she will get work at other companies for a long time to come as long as she stays away from the hard drugs and has a good attitude on set.

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