War Machine Jonathon Koppenhaver Captured

According to TMZ:

War Machine has been captured in a hotel outside Los Angeles … TMZ has learned.

He was caught by U.S. Marshals and Simi Valley police .. and we’re told he did not put up a fight.

The fugitive MMA fighter was sitting in the hotel room with a pizza and a small amount of cash.

War Machine’s been on the run since last Friday … when police say he brutalized his estranged girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack and her boyfriend Corey Thomas at her home in Las Vegas.

He’s been taken to Ventura County jail.

Cops went to War Machine’s home in the San Diego area this morning to remove two of his exotic snakes. According to an officer … Dog the Bounty Hunter was also there.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/08/15/war-machine-captured-simi-valley-christy-mack-girlfriend-beating-las-vegas/#ixzz3AVIIBMkl

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War Machine Jonathon Koppenhaver Captured

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24 Responses

  1. right on! Now throw Michael Whiteacre in the same Ventura County jail cell with him and let War Machine Sodomize him. That would be a good weekend.


  2. Wow this guy was in LA the whole time, and they didn’t catch him until a week later? Just shows you how sad our current law enforcement system currently is.

    Anyways like I said previously he will get the maximum sentence of 20 years, and even if he had OJ Simpson money the evidence is too strong against him because both victims are alive to testify against him.

    His fighting career is over, and his life is pretty much over. We can all move on from this story and War Machine is officially dead.

  3. I read today for the 1st time he took a knife and cut all her hair off during the attack.

  4. Good! Now move onto something worthwhile to report. This story is dead. And somebody tell Monica Foster WarMachine has been caught.
    She is drunk on her white wine and road bird kill.

  5. At Least you reported this story right away before butt for brains
    over at Theretardedpornwikileaks.com did. He is probably off his mental meds and high on crack. Good job Mr. South

  6. In all honesty this story is one I didn’t want to update on after the first one but sometimes stories take on their own life and want to doesnt factor in The interest was high I had lots of inquiries and searches and such so I kinda get obligated. The story raises more questions for me than just the story of Christy, Jonathon and the violent nature of the relationship. Its kind of a mirror of whats happening in the industry in many circles and I kinda figure the real lessons here are going to get lost in the hoopla and the shock factor. I would like to see porn as a whole use this to raise awareness about abusive relationships within this industry, yes Ari Bass factors in but so do so may others. The biz tends to attract females with a history of abuse and many of these females conflate that angry jealousy with love because of their history. I wouldn’t hold my breath until people in porn actually do anything at all to help performers though.

  7. Tonight many a girl is probably looking at their suitcase pimp and thinking about what happened to Christy Mack.

  8. Glad police & Marshals spent their time finding him vs giving twitter a play by play. News report hotel guest witness said police used taser during arrest.

  9. Glad he is caught. Hopefully Ventura County’s scummiest are making him feel “welcome” — by making him their bitch.

  10. I’m glad WM got caught instead of being killed or him committing suicide. He’s got to be one of the most effed up humans I’ve ever seen. I rank him as worse than Chico Wang and Jack Venice by a long shot.

    I see him now as a lab rat, will he come out of prison in 20 years and terrorize the public AGAIN? Or will he ever be released from prison?

  11. I think honestly he has shown himself to be a hot head and a violent person, and it’s very likely that while locked up he will find more trouble and potentially end up with more charges that could keep him there forever. He’s big and tough and knows how to use his hands (and feet), so pretty much all of the gangs will want to have him on their enforcement teams. So it won’t be long before he is caught out with another big charge and that will be that.

  12. Ok, now that Jon has been caught and extradited to Vegas to hopefully end up in the same cell as Ari”Buttfucked” Bass, maybe they
    can grab the prison chain and get on the same transport bus to the
    same prison. War Machine would make Whitacre he’s BITCH. Poor Sean Tompkins losing his lover.

  13. Best post of the day. Alleged whore beater Ari Bass posting a story about alleged whore beater Jon Koppenhaver. Bass stoops so low it’s a comedy.

  14. @mharris

    The scumbag can kill people in seconds with his hands. You actually think the prison administration would allow him around others given that fact, his crime, and his celebrity status? He’s going to be a target the second he walks in. Most won’t win against him. Other people in jail make weapons. This guy is a weapon. He’s a threat to everyone around him in prison.

    Also, during times like this I always find it entertaining to see others publicly condone rape and/or sexual assault. Rape is always wrong no matter what. That includes the rape of someone else for your pleasure too.

    To say that you hope that one becomes the “bitch” of others is the exact same way War Machine was thinking in his situation with Christy. You’re thinking just like he did, but everything is A-OK because you’ve justified your reason.

    Like he did…

    You were hoping for someone to get raped…

    What kind of person does that make you?

    What right-minded person thinks that of anyone? Someone Christy should avoid, of course.

    That’s messed up.

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