Surprise…Mister Marcus Is Lying


I know this will come as a surprise only to XBiz and nica noelle but Mister Marcus is a lying piece of shit.  You see he never tested at TTS in June.

From A source who knows:

“We have list of all his testing…he did not test with us in June, period.”

Gee Nica  guess you didn’t think to verify his claims huh?  I mean I figure you were busy with his dick in your mouth but come on XBiz what is your excuse?

Tom Byron got it right, he didn’t come forward he got caught.  I wouldn’t hire this scumbag to mop the floor on a bukkake set and you shouldn’t either.

That said I bet he is working again in two weeks or less.

Wanna bet?


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Surprise…Mister Marcus Is Lying

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  1. I wanted to add one more thing. I was sitting right next to Mr. Marcus at that first performers APHSS meeting that Mike South had to call to get me into being that Joanne labeled me as a TERRORIST and tried to BAN ME from that meeting.

    Yea…who’s the “terrorist” now…

    The APHSS is willing to lead HUNDREDS of people directly to their GRAVE…and for WHAT? MONEY? I feel like I’m witnessing the holocaust.

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