Looks Like I Got the Right Guy


As quick as the post on Scott Sparks went up he cancelled his twitter accounts and sent threats to every girl he was impersonating.  he even tried to email me as Mey Li. He then started bitching to my hosting company and others…funny thing the pussy wont talk to me….Thats always the case with these lowlifes. Anyone with more info on this guy please let me know.  It is my understanding that several girls have filed police reports that he is making terroristic threats, I am co-operating and will turn over all info I have on him. Let this serve as a warning to the other scumbags out there doing this sort of thing, Scott isnt the only one on my radar I am tired of this shit, you make the good guys look bad and we dont like it. I’m coming for you.

87790cookie-checkLooks Like I Got the Right Guy

Looks Like I Got the Right Guy

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