Jonathan Koppenhaver, aka War Machine, Should Be in a Cage.

What Would I Do? Had I been there on the house with those people when Jonathon Koppenhaver turned into a predator, what would I have done?

I have a concealed carry permit and it is recognized in Nevada. It is very rare that I don’t carry and my usual weapon of choice is a 1911 subcompact .45ACP. Would I have killed Koppenhaver? In a word yes. Though it’s a little ambiguous in terms of what really happened, I am pretty sure that’s how it would have ended. And truth is I wouldn’t have thought twice about it nor would I have ever regretted it. I think it’s pretty obvious that I would have felt that my life was in danger, so if I am one of the three he better have neutralized me really quick and first.

In general I oppose the death penalty because I see it as revenge by the state…BUT when the victim/potential victim/property owner does it, I’m totally OK with it.

I know that hindsight is 20/20 and all that and I do hope that I am never ever in that situation where I have to make that decision, but if it comes to that and I am pointing my gun at you your life is hanging by a thread because I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

I bring this up because I took a young lady friend to the shooting range today, her first time. I explain to her the rules.

Treat every gun as if it is loaded

Never point it at anything you do not intend to KILL

Never hesitate to pull the trigger

I remember thinking how I wish I could have taught this to Christy Mack.

This isn’t the first time Koppenhaver has beat her up, I would bet dollars to doughnuts it isn’t even the third or fourth. Christy isn’t the first girl he has done this too, and again I would bet she isnt the second, third or even the fourth.

He was only recently released from jail for assault, he did 12 months. This time around he will get a lot more and rightly so.

There are rumors that he caught her with one or two other guys and he was on his way home to propose to her yada yada…It doesn’t matter, there is never a circumstance where this kind of behavior is acceptable and those rumors are exactly that…rumors. Some people blame Christy because they say she was cheating on him or “just a porn whore” or other such bullshit, as though it somehow mitigates his behavior, it doesn’t. Period.

Another interesting thing is that in many of the interviews I have seen with this guy he exclaims how he is “unlucky” “or “paying a past life karma” because every time he is about to get a break something bad happens. As if he didn’t really do anything wrong. The fact that he refuses to accept responsibility for his actions speaks volumes,  This guy has no  honor and Bellator should be applauded for dropping him like the piece of shit he is….

Now if only people in porn would adopt that same zero tolerance policy instead of the you cant flunk out of porn policy…There are just too many guys like this in porn right now, even one is too many lets flush these turds.

As of the time I wrote this (Sun night), Koppenhaver is still on the lam. I know that there are people out there that know where he is, some of them in porn, maybe you even read this blog. Do the right thing and call Las vegas PD and tell them. Jonathon Koppenhaver is a menace to society and needs to be in a cage, just like any other predator that poses a threat to people.

108030cookie-checkJonathan Koppenhaver, aka War Machine, Should Be in a Cage.

Jonathan Koppenhaver, aka War Machine, Should Be in a Cage.

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  1. let’s see how he’d fare in an up sanctioned cage fight, right about now a promoter would offer him decent cash cuz folks would line up to pay for their seat and of course donate to ‘recovery fund for her’

  2. I have a couple of quick thoughts, the first of which is that no woman deserves to get beaten up. She cheats on you, move on. No sympathy whatsoever for some animal who beats on a woman.

    As to the rumors, for all we know, if he did walk in on her, she could’ve been with a client or two. I’ve never looked up Christy Mack on any of the escort sites, but this is porn. The guy is living with a woman who gets paid to have sex with people other than him – including anal, ATM, DP and squirting.

    I also find it really fascinating that at least some in the industry are outraged by a beating when wounds heal, yet, applaud Kink for electrocuting, whipping, and generally abusing women and argue that a potentially life-altering disease is a cost of doing business and not that big a deal.

  3. I agree that War Machine needs to have his wings clipped, preferably with a bullet to the back of the head. However, since you compared it to Kink’s fully consensual scenes I do have to say that what Kink does to fully consenting adults that understand what could go wrong (and still want to do BDSM activities) is miles away from what War Machine does to his girlfriends. Kink doesn’t usually send people to the hospital (I know of only twice where accidents happened requiring a hospital visit and one of them was an abundance of caution case when a piece of ginger root being used for figging accidentally ended up so far up a submissive’s ass that no one could get it out, all consensual — even the doc said it was not anything to worry about and no harm was done). I can guarantee you that even Intersec (which is known for way rougher stuff than Kink) hasn’t hurt anyone the way War Machine does routinely and even if they did it would be fully consensual and the submissive would understand the possible consequences and probably get off on it (or she wouldn’t do a Kink or Intersec scene in the first place). In fact one of the rules of BDSM is to do no permanent harm and only do what the submissive gets off on and gives consent to. War Machine probably thinks consent is a VD or something, what he does to his girlfriends (it isn’t just Christy, he decked out his former agent Derek Hay so badly that Derek ended up in the ICU for a week and the same night he came within a milliimeter of killing his then girlfriend).

    May Christy Mack heal and leave War Machine far, far behind her. Even she knows the difference between and what happened to her, she has done scenes for Kink and evidently got off on them, she certainly did not complain publicly about her treatment at the Armory. Please do not compare consensual BDSM to all-out mayhem and assault with great bodily harm. They are thousands of miles apart as to what they consist of.

    Regarding potentially life altering diseases, I think we can all agree that the chance of being killed on a construction site or on police patrol is way worse than the chances of getting HIV/AIDS from a porn set whether a condom is used or not (and HIV/AIDS is not a killer disease anymore thanks to God and modern medicine). The chances of being killed are remote on a porn set, the only murder on a porn set in at least the past 40 years happened a few years back when a loon went off and killed two people with a sword over an argument with company management. Please put the risks of porn in perspective compared with construction or police work — neither of which we are looking to ban.

  4. YEP! Its the same guy who knocked Derek Hays out and laid up
    5 other guys at a Porn studio 2-3 years ago.
    Will Ryder had him banned from the industry and had to go
    and check on his buddy in the ICU at the hospital.

    The industry needs to get rid of a few more like that and
    clean house more.

    Jenna jameson is offering some assistance towards a reward.
    Maybe she can offer some anal too!


  5. @mharris
    WTF how much Dines kool aid did you drink before reading comments today?

    SMH …A simple comment expressing fascination aka opinion about the level of expressed outrage over a MMA justifying using his fists on three people. BDSM probably isn’t his cup of tea but the point would have been the same using MMA references to consensual fighting.

    The same way War machine used his fists outside the ring lots of folks justify non-consensual activities as BDSM calling themselves dominant alphas.

  6. Okay I am a big fan of hardcore porn and I have never seen a scene before where the girls end up in the shape Christy Mack is in right now. If you see the pictures on TMZ she will probably never be the same again. She can’t open up either eye and her face looks like a swollen grapefruit. It’s hard to look at.

    Comparing that kind of abuse to what does is irresponsible. If your going to go after you should go after every single HARDCORE director out there, and there are a lot of them. I’m not saying women like to be abused in movies, but they get paid for it. They sign up for it. Just like a police officer knows he can get shot by a thief, just like a firefighter knows he can die in a fire, a pornstar should know exactly WHAT TYPE of scene they are getting into and HOW MUCH they are getting paid. Correct me if I am wrong, but def. pays their actors and actresses some of the best rates in the industry, hence they are able to get continually quality models.

    Now since I digressed lets get back to the real issue at hand. Abuse in the Adult Industry. Mike, I’d like to hear some examples of current talent who abuse in the industry. I’m not talking about in scenes where they are paid sometimes to choke, or gag, or do other acts that some may not enjoy. I’m talking about straight up a girl says, “Don’t do that,” and a guy does it anyways, without anyone stepping in.

    I know this industry isn’t angelic, but I find it hard to believe in this modern day age of porn, that people would be put in this type of situation.

    I will conclude by saying I hope Christy Mack gets well soon, but like others have said she had numerous chances to get out of this relationship, was warned by numerous friends and she still didn’t listen.

  7. I guarantee that Whiteacre and Dr. Dines (it is my understanding that both have legitimate doctorates) were not pouring me any Kool-Aid today. I was pouring my own drinks all day today and none of them were any stronger than Diet Coke.

    Gail Dines can go fuck herself for her anti-porn drivel, I can’t for the life of me figure out what I said above that she would agree with (other than maybe the best wishes for a quick recovery on Christy Mack’s part) but since you bring her up I stated how I feel about her.

  8. Harris apparently didn’t take his antipsychotic meds with that Diet Coke as evidenced by his attempt at rerouting the thread with another meandering diatribe about Kink and BDSM.

    My prediction: War Machine is going to kill himself or force a cop to do it rather than take responsibility.

  9. Does anyone find it odd that after being beaten the friend never called the police. So that help could come for Christy her statement seems like at least half hour to an hour plus went by. Hell in the time she was in the shower the cops could of came.
    Regardless I wish porn had a crew of clean up men so to speak War machine is a perfect example of the need. Over the years working in the industry I can’t count the times I wish i had just disposed of some maggot.

  10. Sadly you knowledge of Kink is what is presented to the public. Several women have been hospitalized after doing work for KInk. Agents push these girls into many of these situations simply to collect a fee. Many of the girls are nieve and never do any research either thinking its a fast buck.
    Next BDSM and being beaten by a MMA fighter are extremely different acts. As you pointed out one the person also volunteers I don’t think Christy would volunteer to put her life on the line.

    Lastly do your research before you actually comment on a subject your clueless about. I have been inside Kink I have watched demonstrations given for attendees of a website conference held in SF right after Kink opened. The place is like a little shop of horrors I have been on BDSM locations before Kink sent chills down my spine.

  11. When I went to work in adult back in 2004 adult was a pleasant group of folks. Really the worst at the time was Max Hardcore. One of the reasons I left adult was that it was not longer about sex or sensuality or even a script. With the advent of GONZO came the likes of moderately hardcore and anal porn. Such as Rocco or John Stagliano but at some point we went from highlighting women to demeaning and humiliating them to Milk enemas to rosebuds. Even triple penetration. Grant it is fascinating to watch. Sadly current adult is doing more to harm themselves and the industry then to help themselves. Be it condoms laws or content. Kink has gone out via the owner and put a target on his head to the justice department just like Rob Black and several others have done. Todays porn is not about two people enjoying sex its about putting the very women that star in them down. Very few directors don’t shoot some form of humiliation. Sadly our society is so jaded we don’t even see it. Think back to Ed Power or Randy Wests up and cummers both great at getting to know the new talent in sort of a wholesome way. Now days its some dirtbag in a shitty office with zero personality. that at some point humiliates the girl lightly most don’t even notice it.

  12. @Hop Sing…That is just sooooo appalling and for the life of me…
    WTF? I really think he might just be….

  13. BT started that with his comparison of WM to Kink. I was just refuting his argument. BTW I took my medication just before making that post.

    As far as War Machine goes I hope he dies a torturous death. I may not be a Christy Mack fan but she did not deserve her beatings at the hands of this world-class ass.

  14. I hope War Machine does get a life of five bubba ass fucking. He deserves it after taking at least three people that I know of to the brink of death. I am not the kind of guy that says to never hit a woman but even true self-defense (the only reason to hit a woman IMO) doesn’t justify what he did to Christy.

  15. @mharris

    Now I’m like a fucking bobble head SMDH…unless a woman gets in the ring or consents in the bedroom a man he has no business putting his hands on her!!!!! Same holds true vice versa too!!!!

    Even a three year old knows some restraint & self control…it’s called potty training so you don’t lose your shit!

  16. Too Ironic…Mention Bobbit then morning news….A Dayton, Ohio, North Street walker lost her shit when she didn’t pre-negotiate ‘date’ terms then used a knife to injure him for insulting her with a $13 offer for a date.

  17. I don’t intend to defend domestic violence. I just don’t think the whole story has came out, especially since they both have domestic violence charges in their recent background.

  18. @Mharis,

    And this Douche Machine guy, cutting off her hair, now thats some deep seeded,sick twisted stuff.. A two bit MMA fighter, on the downward ride in the MMA world (when you loose 2 out of your last three fights, in the minor leagues of MMA you are going nowhere fast), one of the few who ever flunked out of porn, and now ‘tweeting’ about this latest criminal act, you can see the guy is not too intelligent, and the hair cutting certainly brings into question his mental stability, wouldnt be surprised to see a suicide by cop.

  19. @mharris

    “I don’t intend to defend domestic violence.”

    So why are you condoning DV via excuses, rationalizations and minimization?

    “I just don’t think the whole story has came out, especially since they both have domestic violence charges in their recent background.”

    So until the DV escalates to a level of inpatient hospitalization or death you’re okay with it? How do you explain wishing jail dicks on War Machine who hasn’t had the benefit of due process or conviction yet give your buddy with repeat convictions a pass?

    ” I also know that one slap to the face is enough to go to jail and be charged in many states.”

    Some jurisdictions don’t even require a slap for DV or ‘verbal assault’ arrests. Without a prior history and/or belligerence to responding law enforcement it’s highly unlikely an isolated slap will lead to charges let alone a conviction and jail time given due process. To make the point…look at your buddy assigned to trash detail and probation for felony level DV charges.

  20. I haven’t seen the Twitter rants other than the snippets posted here so I can’t really comment other than to say they should not be going off on each other like that. I don’t defend beating your spouse in anger — however, I think the penalty should be based on the damage done.

    War Machine should get life in prison (if not the firing squad) at a minimum for what he did to Christy.

    Even you have to agree that the penalty for a minor scuffle should not be the same as for War Machine. That is what I tried to say.

  21. Interesting. Unfortunately strangulation can be as simple as placing a hand in front of the neck for a second or two with no ill effects. It can also be cutting off air and/or blood flow until the victim is unconscious. I think all can agree the penalty should be worse for the unconscious example. Prosecutors are also prone to overcharging to coerce a plea which you say yourself in your post.

    May War Machine get his due punishment including life in prison getting forcibly fucked up the ass by five bubbas with HIV and ten inch dicks and every night.

  22. @mharris

    Questioning the laws he has been convicted of because they COULD be applied to minimal violence discounts reality in two ways. First you’re suggesting that his actions may not have warranted the charges he was convicted of, second it uses unrelated hypothetical events to discount relevant related facts.

    Lol about discounting the marital twitter war because you didn’t see it in its entirety….how much do you actually know or actually saw of the events between War machine & Christy Mack?

  23. @mharris


    Yes it is interesting to see how twisted your ideas are on non-consensual violence.

    “Unfortunately strangulation can be as simple as placing a hand in front of the neck for a second or two with no ill effects. It can also be cutting off air and/or blood flow until the victim is unconscious.”

    Lol…if someone 150% your weight & height got in your face spit screaming they were gonna kill you …you’d probably piss your fucking pants before their hand made it to your neck!

    “I think all can agree the penalty should be worse for the unconscious example.”

    Guess that explains the min/max of sentencing guidelines…a guy who made you piss your pants would get a year suspended with trash detail, passing out might be five years and they prolly reserve the 20 years for broken voice boxes or some shit like that.

    “Prosecutors are also prone to overcharging to coerce a plea which you say yourself in your post.”

    Charging at the highest possible level doesn’t absolve prosecutors from the duty of proving those charges via due process nor does it automatically mean defendants aren’t guilty of the original charge when they plead guilty to a lesser charge.

    “May War Machine get his due punishment including life in prison getting forcibly fucked up the ass by five bubbas with HIV and ten inch dicks and every night.”

    Damn don’t ya hold anything in reserve for abusers who actually kill their partner?

  24. Lurking, I think if he would have actually killed her that he should have been beaten with a baseball bat or lead pipe until every one of his bones was broken, then fucked up the ass by five bubbas, then left in his cell to die without painkillers. 🙂

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