HelpUBookHer2 and Michael S Bramonte

Now that I have your attention, just wanted to let you know I know the things you would REALLY hope that I don’t know. Time to ask yourself if it is worth it?

That is YOUR shot across the bow.  You paying attention Greg?  Mr Lori Zubb?  You should be.



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HelpUBookHer2 and Michael S Bramonte

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  1. Mike it’s time to be realistic.

    There just aren’t enough shoots for these girls to make ends meat. This isn’t 1990, this isn’t 2000. This is 2014 going on 2015. Porn is free now, there is no getting around that. If you release a DVD on Tuesday it’s probably on the net being pirated already on Tuesday at midnight. Sometimes earlier.

    Prostitution is apart of the industry, and you can’t avoid it. But then again, I still don’t get what the hell the difference is between two people consensually being paid to have sex on film, and two people having sex in exchange for money in the privacy of their own room? It literally makes zero sense.

    I would argue that 95% of the girls in the industry have escorted or at some point have at least done it once. Asa Akira admitted such in her book and shes a Spiegler girl, and Spiegler girls are never supposed to escort right?

    You can go on a nice lil website I like to use sometimes called right now. I was on there and have had sex with two pornstars both for 100 dollars a pop. One is current and works for ideal image models.

    There aren’t enough shoots, not enough money, if someone throws 500-600 for an hour of protected sex, odds are the girl is going to take it and who are we to judge them for that?

  2. Wait Greg Dodson the drug dealing pimp behind HelpUbookHer ? Not “Ashley” ?
    I seriously doubt there is or ever was an Ashley just Greg who contacts pron bloggers leaking e mails and personal conversations he has had with the last blogger making his rounds playing one blogger against the other. Isn’t this the hall marks of a manipulative suit case pimp

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