Evelyn Claire Calls Out Darcie Dolce Husband Marc Mojo for Rape @DjDarcieDolce @MarcMojo

After hundreds of anonymous complaints about Marc Mojo spanning over many years, we received an email a few days ago concerning nefarious and disgusting deeds of Darcie Dolce’s abusive husband, Marc. . .  duping, coercing, and enticing unsuspecting girls with drugs and endless promises of a girl on girl content trade, with ONLY his wife. This of course was a lie.


Marc Made quite a name for himself in his home long before Porn world knew of him.



If you receive any communication from “Darcie” just assume it is Marc setting you up, his aim is to capture and steer a female into a date rape plot.

Evelyn Claire calls out Darcie Dolce and her husband Marc Mojo for rape @DjDarcieDolce @MarcMojo

It’s only going to end up being a crime scene. Not all of the victims were drugged and raped. Some were coerced and sexually assaulted. His crimes are many. But it’s now escalated to drugging and raping and until now nobody came forward.

In the past, no person would come forward, perhaps due to the popularity of Marc’s wife Darcie Dolce. They feared being blacklisted and as such, just kept quiet. That is until now.

Here is the email we got that broke the dam wide open.

Hey did you see the tweets from Evelyn Claire about Darcie Dolce’s husband drugging and raping her?

I don’t know why everyone acts like this is a big shock. The dude served time in prison I think near Sacramento for selling drugs.


Here is a tweet that went out from Jay Zito about it last night.



Marc Mojo is a sexual predator, and he’s gotten away with it for far too long. It is highly recommended that the victims who have solid proof assemble their facts and consider filing a police report.

This is not a bunch of girls making up stories here.  There are far too many victims across years of abuse for the police not to take you seriously. All you have to do is stand up and be heard. Gather all your evidence, and turn it over to the lawyer. Then the other victims will do the same.

You’ll be doing your part in putting not one but two series predators out of this industry and hopefully in jail where they belong.

If you are a sexual assault or rape victim at the hands of Marc Mojo and don’t want to go public but do want justice, you can contact us privately (Twitter DM or email) and we’ll connect you to the lawyer working on this case.  


687940cookie-checkEvelyn Claire Calls Out Darcie Dolce Husband Marc Mojo for Rape @DjDarcieDolce @MarcMojo

Evelyn Claire Calls Out Darcie Dolce Husband Marc Mojo for Rape @DjDarcieDolce @MarcMojo

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16 Responses

  1. If this is true Marc Mojo needs to be in prison where gang bangers will gladly “produce content” with his asshole and throat! Darcie Dolce should also go to prison where male guards will do the same with all three of her holes if she is actually involved in her husband’s bad behavior. Lastly, Hop Sing/BevMo the TV Man can go fuck himself up the ass with a prickly cactus.

  2. Different day another victim. Its years and years he’s been racking up notches on their bed post like this . Some girls are traumatized some shed a few tears and others feel stupid for falling for their dubious bullshit. Normally I would say let the cops deal with it, But there have been so many fake accusations piling up, So when there are victims with proof, people like Marc flies under the radar of others’ past bogus BS.. Unfortunately this time the theater is on fire and for real this time. This boy raped a shit load of women. Darcie’s role of Aiding and abetting was just that. She is just not into tuna. She needs Dick and hasn’t been getting any because she is not allowed to have an opinion never mind cock. She needs Blacked dot come and devils films and T Reel booking scenes

  3. THIS >> Many want to quickly defend Darcie Dolce as a victim as well, but let there be no confusion, she is a co-conspirator.

  4. This is nothing new, At industry events and every time there is a pool party or a industry gathering there will always be a girl or two with a story like this. its not new. Shocker this is out now. Darci should be given some benefit of the doubt, the husband is the one texting pretending to be Darci. everyone knows that. Marc should know everyone was laughing at him this entire time, well a few didn’t know.

  5. Porn twitter went harder on a black guy throwing water on a dog and a porn vet who didn’t want to film with a trans than these people.

  6. I want to add my two cents in here. I believe one day Darcie and Marc will mess with the wrong one. They will probably be arrested by an undercover cop who dresses like a “newbie” adult entertainer when they try to do the same things like the other newbies in the past. In my honest opinion is their names are mud in the industry.

    I also believe that Darcie Dolce never really liked doing G/G porn in the first place. I believe that her G/G porn career was masterminded by her husband Marc Mojo.

  7. Beeznuts, I did not write the article. What I would have wrote would not pass for journalism. There is a reason I did not apply to write here and situations like this one are it. Hopefully (assuming the accusation is true and I have no reason to doubt it) Darcie and Marc end up in prison next to Mercedes Carrera and Deamon Cins (they repeatedly raped their minor daughter) in general population. I think rapists deserve a quick and torturous death, too bad SCOTUS justices disagree.

  8. @ SCUTTLESCUB54, And there I was thinking I was the only one who is aware poor Darci Dolce hates GG to her inner core.
    She would much rather do feature dancing but her husband successfully manage to fuck that all up for her too.

  9. Dam shame all this is going down in the porn industry. Liars , dog fuckers porn wash outs accomplished something finally.

  10. Allot of productions complains about this text imposter of Darci Dolce, It is very annoying. Most don’t want to be rude and tell marc we all know its him. I hope Darci finds her way to sanity, She does not want to do any of this. I think she wants BG, and not with Marc. He constantly tease Productions with ” Darci Dolce FIRST boy girl” then comes the fine print. starting Marc Mojo. lol

  11. Oh my goodness just saw this.
    saw this coming a long time ago, Just didn’t think it would take this long. A great many girls was bitching about this for years now.

  12. Another thing I wanted to add on here is that Darcie Dolce’s DJ career will dry up as well because of the allegations that have been coming out with her husband catfishing as her luring women to work with her on a G/G shoot so he could rape them. I do believe the police should be involved as this point.
    Darcie Dolce now will be on every female adult entertainers’ “NO” list going forward. There will not be any female who wants to shoot G/G scenes with her. Her reputation is shot. Period.

  13. *yawn*

    Another week. Another porn scandal that goes nowhere.

    Disagree? Just ask “Porn Dude Casting,” the subject of last week’s scandal. As chicks came out of the woodwork with accusations, he knew he had nothing to sweat.

  14. I know that this article is almost a year old. I just wanted to say that DJ Darcie Dolce and Marc Mojo are getting a divorce. I don’t want to mention their real names on here. I just saw something on them online. Better late than ever.

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