A Performer Warns About Rogue Agencies

It;s kind of interesting that this happens in the middle of the kerfluffle with the agencies. but it should serve as a warning to prospective models.  This girl was lucky, I have heard far worse horror stories (funny how they all come out of Florida….)   Had Elizabeth done just a little homework goggling these guys that should have set off a red flag, problem is most girls don’t do any homework.  Even looking at the site should have been a clue…there is no indication at all that its any kind of modeling agency and the site design looks straight out of the 90s.
Here is her story…and my advice…don’t deal with these guys….ever.  if you want a licensed talent agent in Florida contact Conor Coxx at Coxxxmodels.com
This happened to me a few weeks ago and I’ still upset by it. I posted it on my social sites to warn other girls but I’m sharing with you since these guys are still posting lies about me.

I admit, I made rookie mistakes and fell into an obvious trap hoping things would turn out differently. I feel like I fool and was taken advantage of. But that’s no excuse for what these guys, Darron Neeley of PosterModelsXXX.com
Poster Models Worldwide Inc. and his buddy Anthony Que (DBoy Casting and Platinum Films) did to me.

About 6 weeks ago, I was put in contact with Darron Neeley through a talent recruiter. I spoke with Darron Neeley about a shoot he wanted me to perform in for his site. It was a boy girl adult shoot with male talent that he had set up. The full panel test, flight, and model house would be taken care of and all I had to do was show up ready to work. I was also told there would be more shoots available when I arrived to Miami.

Upon my arrival on Monday September 22nd, another man who introduced himself as Q picked me up from the airport and took me to the model house. I was suppose to go on “go-sees” at different studios that same day but Q said I “wasn’t ready” and that he’d take me the next day. He claimed I looked homeless because I didn’t have hair and makeup done once I met him at the airport. I don’t travel camera-ready because it’s uncomfortable and I’ll end up horrible after a 8 hour trip.  Later that evening, Darron called me and said for me to talk to another  agent/photographer and have him pick me up and get work booked for me.

After I did some submission photos (front, back, sides, and head shot) I questioned Q about the go sees and test he said to speak with Darron. Darron told me he would talk to Q but never did. As I continued to ask questions, Q became angry and said I was dictating things and calling them liars. I told him I can only go by what I was told by Darron. Now it turned into Darron saying something completely different than what he first told me.

I went back to the man that referred me to Darron, and told him that I’m being told two different things and Q is being very hateful with me. Q found out about this and told me that I was in breach of contract for discussing things with the recruiter and he forced me to leave the model house with no where to go and no money to get home.

I tried calling Darron multiple times and he never answered. Once he finally did answer, he told me he didn’t want to work with me anymore because I made Q really mad. I tried explaining to him that I did nothing wrong, I was just asking questions so I could get clarification on what was going on. Darron said,  Ok, I’ll call Q. Q called me and said I  didn’t  need to ask questions, that I was only talent and  shouldn’t  be dictating things (again, I  didn’t  force anything and I was polite up to this point). I asked if I could come back to the model house since I had no where else to go and he told me to go to the LaQuinta and be a hooker if I wanted to go home.

A few hours later I managed to get in touch with Darron again after many failed attempts. He said he would call Q to see what was going on. A few more hours passed and I called Q myself to ask if I was still shooting. He said “Are you recording me? Why do you keep asking the same questions? You must be recording me!” I wasn’t recording him, I was asking him the same questions because he never answered any of them. Finally I got in touch with Darron again and told him I had no where to go. He said I won’t leave you stranded but then said he would once again call Q to give me money to put me on a bus. Q refused to do it  and said I was demanding things. Darron stopped answering his phone again.

So I borrowed some money from the other agent they dumped me on, got on a bus and headed home. After 30 hours, I made it back to Little Rock.

I thought the drama would end there but after I went live with this story, Darron and his buddy Anthony Que are continuing to attack me. They are posting lies about me and what happened in South Florida. According to them, I was trying to scam them and work with another agent although THEY are the ones that told that agent to go find me work because they would not do it.

The drama will continue until these guys are caught. I already have my lawyer and a few friends in Florida looking for these men. They are not answering their phones or emails. If they had valid reasons to do what they did to me then why are they hiding?

I posted this story on twitter and was threatened by Darron and Q for it. I won’t stop posting this until something is done about these guys. I’m not the first girl and I won’t be the last. But maybe I can slow down their little scam and the next girl will be smarter than I was.

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A Performer Warns About Rogue Agencies

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  1. I know of one porn producer located in the Southern USA that is just as phony as this rogue agency…and worse!

  2. Danielle Reid refuses to shoot with black male talent. she demands to only shoot with white men. Danielle Reid looks alright in touched up pictures like many porn stars and models do. But if you saw her raw you would second guess booking her. She is already shot out, shes been threw a flurry of agents and agencies and is always the victim, much like brandi fox. however she is always touring the various states and booking herself successfully for fetish shoots which is probably where she should focus all of her attention. at some point she will have to look her peers in the eyes im talking about the african american men and woman who earn their stripes and work hard to get ahead with out causing drama everywhere they go. and if that happens it wont be pretty.
    it is already hard enough working as an african american in an industry that relies heavily on the stigma that white and asian women should not perform with black men in an effort to appease some fake dynamic of male producers and fans who are convinced that performing interracial sex will destroy their careers. when in reality it just might contribute to destroying racism in the industry. but instead Danielle will seek out those to indulge her racist hatred for black men in the industry.

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