Charley Frye Strikes again:

XXX: I get a call from FEV a few minutes ago
XXX: it’s Kat, Charlie’s receptionist there
South1226: ya
XXX: she says ” is xxx booked in Queens the 2nd week of October?”
XXX: I said “Yes, Oct 9-12”
XXX: we booked the show through Tony at All American (former employee of Charlie)
XXX: (she already knows this)
XXX: she says “But we have you booked at Blush Carousel in NY the first week of November”
XXX: I said “Kat, that’s over an hour away from Queens
XXX: she said “Charlie says you need to cancel the Queens show”
XXX: conflict of interest
XXX: he’ll let xxx dance at bada-bings that week if you need work
XXX: I told her “Tell you what, Kat — tell Charlie I said no fucking way”
South1226: good 4 u
XXX: I also told her to cancel the rest of our shows through FEV

If someone made a list of industry scumbags Charlie would likely sit at the number one slot.

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Charley Frye Strikes again:

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