Bruno Dickemz ended up getting an apology from Marsha May who was busted for child rape

This speaks for itself,  ENOUGH OF THE LYING #MeToo

Meet the real Marsha

Lied about Bruno Dickemz


133242cookie-checkBruno Dickemz ended up getting an apology from Marsha May who was busted for child rape

Bruno Dickemz ended up getting an apology from Marsha May who was busted for child rape

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  1. The industry is full of guys like Bruno. They are like cockroaches. Get rid of one and three take his place.

  2. I’ll take a stab at guessing how various parties will respond: The porn industry in general will probably bury their head in the sand until it all blows over and then they’ll hire him again, the FSC will probably use the good old “it didn’t happen on set”, the people defending this guy (there probably will be some) will probably copy those defending Deen and APAC won’t say anything at all.

    Obviously, this Dickemz guy is a complete asshole who never should work it porn again (or be around women in general).

  3. This is shocking and infuriating. God it’s like Christy Mack all over again. Why is woman beating ok in porn? Ugh. ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  4. Mike you really dropped the ball on this one. No research or facts before posting this story. @Ivy per usual you have no fucking idea what your talking about.

  5. Billy you are so full of shit you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Nobody wants me to name “names” you fuck bag. I would never do that because I’m not a POS like you, apparently.

    This is her twitter, where she posted the pic just as it is shown on Mikes page.

    Shaun Smith ?@real_shaunsmith Apr 19
    @MARSHAXXXMAY but who hired him to beat her like that?

    @real_shaunsmith no one did.. He did this all off set

    Shaun Smith ?@real_shaunsmith Apr 19
    @MARSHAXXXMAY maybe this is a simple view of things, but why is he not in jail?

    @real_shaunsmith every time I tried to call the cops he broke my phone..

    Shaun Smith ?@real_shaunsmith Apr 19
    @MARSHAXXXMAY wow. This fella needs to be stopped. Otherwise we have a new war Machine on our hands..

  6. I disagree with you on this, Mike. At least partially. There are photos and text messages circulating of her telling someone that she has been assaulted by 8 men or something like that. True or not, once again there is no legal action taken by the alleged victim. If she got beaten up, she must go to the police. Period. Girls who get beaten up or raped and don’t go to the police are equally dangerous to this industry as their assaulter. In fact they are worse, to some extent, because they fuel speculations and rumors and create confusion over who’s guilty and who’s not. Like I said for the James Deen case, my principles impose me to keep the side of the alleged assaulter until the crime remains alleged and just based on rumors. Said this, there’s no doubts that people like Bruno should go working in a mine, but those girls who keep coming out and screaming rape or assault on Twitter and never press charges should equally go.

  7. Yes, she should have pressed charges, especially if she doesn’t have brothers or a father that can and will beat his ass (I have a now deceased family friend that had her husband beat her once about 45-50 years ago, her father and brothers beat the guy into the ICU and he got the message not to assault his wife again but this was well before domestic violence laws were passed in Michigan and an assault charge only carried 90 days in jail so the police would not have been much help). However, she didn’t get that shiner from bumping into a stripper pole. With this proof I tend to believe her.

    Her idiot boyfriend’s breaking multiple phones is also reprehensible — especially since many porners carry expensive Android or Apple cell phones where even one phone can cost $700 each to replace and depend on them to receive information needed to both book and prepare for scenes. As far as her boyfriend is concerned I hope he eventually gets what is coming to him whether her family beats his ass or he gets a girlfriend that will press charges when he beats her/leaves her with a black eye or two and he gets the five bubba treatment at whatever county’s local jail he ends up in in return.

    For the record at least where I live a victim can go to the cops the next day, show them her black eye or other obvious injuries and still press charges, in this case for domestic violence. Showing them the broken phone would also help her case. I would think in CA it would be the same although I cannot say for sure.

  8. heres the thing when i asked him about this I got no response, his comment “…pays me to beat bitchers like you they dont care to listen to you” speaks volumes and at the very least lacks professionalism that this industry should require of its male performers. As far as I am concerned he convicted himself on this one.

  9. I have no idea whether this happened off-set, ala War Machine and Christy Mack, or happened on-set – something like Donkey Punch gone awry. What I know, without sounding like a broken record, is that porn too often adheres to the notion that anything is fair game as long as you have two consenting adults. With OSHA and regulators taking a hard look at the industry, it needs to clean up its act. Heck, what’s one of the biggest complaints you hear from fans of porn – too many of the male talent look like convicts and parolees.

  10. He didn’t just convict himself; he indicted the entire industry. Each day industry leaders remain silent invites additional scrutiny down the road. That scrutiny is compounded by how quick FSC is to issue open letters and press releases against stuff like rescinded parade invitations yet remains silent on this.

    OSHA has two workplace violence regulations working through the development process as we speak; one for medical facilities and another for all workplaces. With five plus years in the OSHA process game porn can’t say gee ‘ we didn’t know we had to be proactive to thwart pending regulations with the potential to threaten our business model. Sports will use existing rules and consequences to qualify for exemptions.

    It doesn’t matter if this happened on or off set or if she did or didn’t call the cops. The minute this guy tweeted that content producers hire him to do this to performers and that they don’t care what she has to say it became a work related event and also opens the consent door. In mainstream industry terms this has the potential to blow up like the long rumored video of the guy passing on a puffed rice conveyor belt.

  11. Whatever happened to the Porn Star Union? Did it fall apart? Have not heard anything from them in months. I would think this is the kind of thing they should be all over like white on rice.

  12. Even Facial Abuse (with Max Hardcore out of commission and on parole they are the closest thing to the rumored to exist snuff porn on the net) doesn’t intend to do this kind of damage although I think the directors of that site need a donkey punch to the balls for even thinking about having such a site, beating talent’s faces for an hour and make them choke on their puke isn’t BDSM IMO but instead is felony assault and battery. The choking on puke part can easily kill, this is well researched as it is an actually a prime cause of deadly pneumonia in the elderly when they lose the ability to control their throats when eating food or are wearing an oxygen/CPAP/BiPAP mask and don’t get it off before puking (the latter two are more difficult to take off quickly as I can attest to having severe sleep apnea and using a BiPAP machine while sleeping, fortunately I haven’t puked into it but had a couple of close calls while I had the flu last fall). Unfortunately a few years ago Clayra Beau’s face was beaten on a Facial Abuse set even worse than Marsha’s beat down by Mr. Dickemz (who may be going by the name Mr. Cocksucker and Take it Up The Ass by Five Bubbas In Prison soon, thanks Mike for publicizing this, the DA doesn’t need Marsha’s cooperation to prosecute as their respective Twitter comments and the pictures may be all they need, Mr. Dickemz made a big mistake essentially confessing to the crime as far as his criminal record and ass virginity are concerned) but that is because they picked a chick that weighed 100 pounds, was as spindly built as a piece of asparagus fully cooked and unfortunately she couldn’t take it — and it was made public and became a shit stain on the reputation of the adult film industry.

    Back to Mr. Dickemz (whoever thought of that last name also needs a donkey punch to the balls or if female her hair shaved off of her head and a Brazilian Wax job to her crotch and legs) I hope he gets his karma payment soon in spades. Too bad this didn’t likely take place in Clark County, Nevada — War Machine would make a good cellie for him. Go suck an AIDS infested dick and take its cum up the ass, Mr. Dickemz/soon to be Mr. Take it Up The Ass by Five Bubbas In Prison.

  13. This asshole will continue to be hired. Porn needs more guys like Sins and Castle and oddball nerds like Ralph Long instead of white trash punks like Dickems.

  14. Doesn’t matter what you say if this guy is bragging about being fists for hire to beat women by producers who don’t give a fuck what the performers he is beating have to say. Anyone foolish enough to hire this guy must be making enough money to buy off performers and pay hefty legal fees.

  15. @karma

    Good question. With their swift reaction to the agent not backing a performer up on a condom request their silence on this has to be a disappointment to performers who hoped they would make a difference.

  16. Thankfully Marsha wasn’t beaten as bad as Christy. Also, Christy was fortunate that plastic surgery corrected her permanent facial injuries to the point where if she wears makeup the scars aren’t visible. I thought for sure when I saw the pictures of Christy taken a few days after the assault I thought her adult film career was over. I understand Christy has done a few scenes since she was fucked up almost beyond recognition by War Machine so I would think the internal injuries (especially to her vagina, if I recall she was sexually penetrated by a knife by War Machine) have healed and/or been fixed surgically.

  17. She posted the photo on April 19th. She should go to the cops. Marsha May is not all that new (at least in porn terms), however. I’m surprised to see her frame herself that way. And why go to the public forum and not the cops. Unless she hoped to get a hopelessly incriminating reply like the one he sent, so she should definitely go now!

  18. A week later and still crickets from FSC about Bruno tweet while they cry that the ballot initiative is about harassing workers. Mr leather is making Diane Duke look like a performer advocate by comparison.

  19. I agree that they should have at least announced their position on porn guys whipping porn chicks asses off of set and preferably asked porn producers to not hire Dickemz in the future. Other than that there isn’t really much they can do since it did not happen directly in the course of any adult industry employment. I am not a fan of the FSC and think the organization is incompetent at best but what can they really do to help this situation other than say it is wrong for people to beat their significant others in anger and politely request that Dickemz be blackballed from the industry?

  20. Hopefully Christy has learned to be more careful in her choice of partners. No one was surprised that thug was gonna beat her to a pulp excerpt Christy.

  21. Matthew
    Mr Leather is my other male lover and I love the taste of his shit, since I am a great shit eater. The FSC doesn’t get involved in male talent knocking the shit out of female talent on or off screen. That is law enforcement problem. We have bigger problems to deal with than James Deen beating up females and other bisexual male talent taking out their frustations on females. Hell, some of the whores deserve it.

  22. Fake Sean, you do have a set the size of Fort Knox. You can say whatever you want but I doubt “Mr. Leather” and Sean eat each others shit. I am not a fan of the real Sean Tompkins but your post is gross and not very funny. Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for the rest of us) no companies make shit eating movies in the US (thanks to our obscenity laws), if you really want to eat shit you will have to go to the Netherlands or Germany and do porn there.

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