ATMLA Drops Clover

cloverOne of the things I do here is give credit where its due, and in this case Mark Schechter at ATMLA did the right thing by dropping Clover from it’s roster.  There are those that would argue the move is a bit late and that Clover was given a second and even a third chance that he shouldn’t have been but in the end dropping him is the right thing to do.  Clover should go the way of Mr Marcus and it appears he may actually become the third guy to flunk out of porn.

Mark Schechter had this to say:

“There is no place in this industry for a person who perpetrates domestic violence against women, disrespect for women or shows a propensity for violence.  Our prayers and sympathy go out to the victims.

“I hope this becomes a lesson for anyone else in this industry who demonstrates this type of behavior that this industry will not tolerate violence against women,”

Like Mark or not he is dead right on that point, we have far too many guys who hate women that have slimed into this business in the last ten years.  Now is a good time to clean house.

116560cookie-checkATMLA Drops Clover

ATMLA Drops Clover

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6 Responses

  1. If you were to get rid of every guy in this industry that hates women there would be about 5 guys left. #Truth

    Btw.. If a woman hating producer were to give clover a 5th (or whatever number it’s up to now) “shot” and hire him again.. I wonder how many women in this industry would continue to have no problem working with him? I bet a lot.

  2. Clover is not the only one involved in these shenanigans, Mark has been arrested in the past for guess what “Cohab Abuse”

  3. I think this was a move to cover their ass more than anything. Girls get hurt by directors and producers all of the time…most justify it to themselves somehow…I don’t know. I’m sure it’s even worse now with so much available talent.

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