Receipt Showcases Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Slave Obsession

Courthouse News reports that “a nauseating look” at Jeffrey Epstein’s literary tastes may be found via a glimpse at his book purchases, as revealed in a cache of newly unsealed documents.

Titles such as “SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude – Principles, Skills and Tools” and “Training With Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners,” appeared as evidence in a lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre against alleged Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jeffrey Epstein Amazon receipt

Prior to his mysterious death in a Manhattan jail, Epstein faced sex-trafficking charges that heaped scrutiny on two U.S. presidents, Prince Andrew of England, and other titans from the legal, finance, scientific and business elite known to have been linked to him.

With the Second Circuit’s release of dozens of new files on Friday, that circle grew. 

Evidence about Epstein’s so-called “black book” also came to light among the physical evidence in today’s trove.

“Ghislaine Maxwell maintained a contact list in an approximately 100-page-long hard copy, which was openly available to other house employees,” Giuffre’s attorney wrote in a brief. “It consisted primarily of telephone numbers, addresses, or email addresses for various personal friends, associates, employees, or personal or business connections of Epstein or [Maxwell].”

Before being fired, Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach butler Alfredo Rodriguez printed his copy of the book to hand over the FBI, according to the brief.

“Additionally, and importantly, there are several sections entitled ‘Massage’ alongside a geographical designation with names of females and corresponding telephone numbers,” the brief states, redacting some of the names contained inside.

Other traces of physical evidence disappeared: Giuffre testified that she burned notes of the men to whom he was allegedly trafficked.

Explaining she was “sick of going through this shit,” Giuffre added: “My husband and I were pretty spiritual people and we believed that these memories were worth burning.”

Former Palm Beach detective Joseph Recarey testified he found names of underaged victims during trash pulls at Epstein’s home.

“It was a lot of handwritten notes on different— different pads of paper,” Recarey said. “Some of the pads had names on it, whether it was Epstein, whether it was Ghislaine Maxwell, whether it was — there were phone messages.”

The Second Circuit ordered sunlight in July for nearly 2,000 pages of files related to Jeffrey Epstein, who is already a registered sex offender after he buried dozens of underage-assault charges by pleading guilty to a single count of solicitation.

An earlier look at the documents had been delayed after Maxwell sought an appeal before the entire appellate court. 

Courthouse News Receipt Showcases Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Slave Obsession Receipt Showcases Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Slave Obsession

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  1. So every person that ever bought those books is a sex offender/pedophile/sex trafficker?

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