Another Agency Scam making The Rounds



Another agency scam making the rounds…ladies you want to avoid these guy at all costs  I am putting together a list of licensed agencies that are real, these are the agents that represent porn and are legit  meantime ignore these fly by nights like ValleyWood Talent Agency and so many others  my list will be up shortly



Hey Brie its Seany from VTA(@mailorderbeauti) I checked out your twitter then googled you and im going to say this rite now. You and i are going to get rich together. And thats a fact. You are the most alluring and special girls that i have seen in a long long time. I know for a fact that there isnt anything you cannot accomplish and be successful at in both the adult industry and the main stream entertainment industry. You have what it takes to dominate both. To be a leading adult star and crossover star. Check out my talent agency and some of the things we do.  He linked to youtube….

And that is just one of our youtube channels. Over 150,000 circulation. Massive exposure for you. I rep girls and can get you work in the UK AUS as well as JAP. I will seriously take you international. You give me 6 months and i will have your career going full speed ahead in several new directions. Im going to make you the new cross over star. I have an awesome marketing plan and campaign for a web video reality project we are doing that you are perfect for. It will make you an even bigger star than you already are. You will be a viral it girl. I want you to head up the campaign and be the face of it. We will make you go BOOM!! Do you want you to make a sexy video for me for battle of the beauties hot & hotter. It”s an awesome project and major campaign that we’re doing along with my talent agency and it will be amazing exposure for you and your brand and we will make you go viral. Through my agency we will get you jobs and $$$$. Totally make you an even bigger star and most importantly loads of cash. We also can get you booked and go on tours as an XXX feature dancer/entertainer. We work with and do marketing and promoting. I dont think you know how amazing you are. When i went through your photos i was like wtf!!! lol. This girl is awesome. The video i want you to make is just the first part of the campaign. What you’re going to be doing next is far more important for expanding your brand and broadening your horizons. There are several divisions of this project but you will be the head of this. I want to build the entire web video reality series around you. Your story is going to be amazing. We are going to make a shit ton of money together

You are so gorgeous. Absolutley perfect. Exactly what we have been looking for. Ok im gonna tell you just some of the ways how you are going to bring in the bucks for the both of us. Ill start with the ones that we can start making money immediately with. We have Battle of the Beauties mail order Beauties. This is where clients and customers order personalized videos of you made specifically how they want them or personalized selfies where you do what they ask in a selfie pic. These are easy to do and you can do them with either a laptop cam or your cell phone video camera. And as i told you we also can get you booked and go on tours as an XXX feature dancer/entertainer. We work with and do marketing and promoting. Thats more money for us. For the videos our clients make specific requests. You and i review the request and see if you want to fullfill it. Then we give them a price. They also will order what you are wearing in the video and we charge them more. The same with the personalized selfies. Really easy. We make the price. And this is just one thing we do. You are going to be doing way more than just that. Now lets talk about how we are going to make you a really even a bigger star than you already really fast and start making even more and bigger bucks. We are going to do this through your web video reality series. This is how we are going to take you mainstream. You are gorgeous enough to be both mainstream and xxx. We have clients that will pay top dollar for you to make personalized videos and selfies for them. these can be easily self shot with a web cam or cell as i have told you. Super easy and we’ll make a lot of money. Even better and more money is we have clients who will pay big big money to meet you and for your time. if you know what i mean  You are going to make us both litterally more money than we can count. Along with getting you booked for jobs with other companies doing everything from adult films to mainstream regular print work. We also produce and create our own projects. And i want you to be our headlining star  Our number 1. The face of everything we do. You are going to be our golden goose. Now lets start raking in the money

we have a very large client base already. This is why i can guarantee you our success and rapid money earning abilities. There is nothing we will not accomplish together. My plans for you are so big. You are not ordinary. You are extraordinary. You shine radiantly. And we are going to shine your light on the entire world. We are going to do great things together. and thats a fact

Brie wrote: 😉 ok. I’m game. 😉

ok now moving on to how and where we are going to start. we are already several steps ahead of the game with your notoriety you have. so i want to do something you havent done yet and show the fans a different side of you. I want to show them Brie the beautiful girl they can talk to and connect with. The person. Not just the pornstar. I want to start marketing you to the mainstream. and putting you up for mainstream work. i know you can do it or i wouldnt be wasting my time. Now we are still going to do all the xxx stuff. Films, Photoshoots, Magazine submissions, Personal Video Requests, and our big big money maker where clients pay us for your time to meet with you. Rite now today when we get your campaign up for your personal video requests you will start getting orders. This means we actually start making money today  ok now back to what i want to do rite now that you have done. I want to shows the fans and public the real you. And we are going to do this by building a youtube series around you and your normal every day life. Basically we are going to have you self shoot video blogs about whatever you like. if you need some help with content we can give you scripts and you just read them like scripted reality. this can also help you with your acting which i am hoping is something you are interested in because i want you to be an actress. and we will start having you go on auditions. we are in no way abandoning the adult industry and the name you built in it. we are going to make so much money from the adult industry. we are simply adding to our repertoire. more ways of us making money. and i dont know if i told you but when we get your mainstream video series doing consistent views we have companies that will pay us for product placement. so rite now i want you to send me your port and bio so i can start submitting you to publications. I also need to to send your sizzle reel for casting directors. if you dont have a sizzle reel already we can make one. and i want you to start on your videos for your web reality series. oh yeah your main stream web reality series will also push sales on your personal video requests  so i want us to start making money now. Im ready to begin your takeover and crossover now
im going to put your portfolio together so i need all the photos you have to choose from. im gonna start on your sizzle reel also. and you need to make your first videos for your video. web series. then we can launch your campaign. i think i want to do a week of all you only. make your introduction video. make it about 3 min. just say your name and this is battle of the beauties mail order beauties reality tv then tell the viewers a little about yourself. give them a glimpse into your life. and at the end say make sure to follow my series and order my personal videos. then we need 3 sexy videos. again about 3 min long each. i want you to blow them away on these. but they are for your mainstream series so try not to go past your bra and panties but if you do its ok because i can censor them.then we need 3 sexy videos that are for your adult reel we will send out to casting directors and producers. and send little snippets to our clients who will make orders from you. now these are for adult industry work so what you can do is wide open. the goal is to make them want to jump through the screen and they will book us for certain.make them want you and we will get the job. its that easy.

Brie  wrote: Ok. I have a photo shoot on Monday with my new hair ;). I can do the rest tomorrow. It’s 140 am here. Just had a 5 hr client appt and had so much fun will get an amazing review from the erotic review ;). I’m going to bed. Good night.

making the clients happy is the most important thing you can do. our clients are going to love you. with you being so eager to please you will make us look really good. if you do this we will make you a priority girl and be first in line for full day, and weekend arraignments. i really have a good feeling about you and liked you from the start. you are exactly what we want to ensure our clients are taken care of and pleased and send your number so i can call or text when needed
I am not interested. Thank you. I researched Valleywood Talent Agency and nothing came up. No website with your models listed. Talent agencies have websites ya know. I checked out your youtube channel and it is just girls who do a quick vid of themselves. No comments are left. Kinda seems stupid to me. It doesn’t look like a reality tv show to me at all. I checked out the facebook       And still do not see how it is a reality tv show. Where is the link to watch a show? You put in an email that you would book me for xxx. I told you I have an agent, Matt, with Miami Models. It is an adult talent agency. They have a website and twitter that shows what they do. Matt has not problem answering any questions that I may have. He acts like a professional. I asked you for talent references and info and you told me I was a child. Hmm. When I told you I have an agent you said that wont affect what we do.. But it would if you were legit getting me xx work that would conflict with the contract I have already signed with Matt. I work as an independent escort. I screen all new clients. I screened you with the phone number you contacted me with. 209-613-6820. So I found Listed Owner : FISHER JOHN    Experience Windows 3816 Fensom Way, Modesto, California 95356. Google map your home. Estimated value: $191200.  So you claim we are going to make so much money together. Your house not impressive. If you are making the bank you claim you would not live there. And your company Experience Windows is not a talent agency. I don’t like to be fucked with. You are bull shitting girls and need to fuckin stop it. I find that to be disgusting.
ypu are such a loser you fool. lol. that is not my house and my number is a cell phone. thats not me hahaha. but good luck being a loser wanna be escort. as i said you are not intelligent at all  hahahaha omg you just made my day lol
now please go away forever wanna be escort slut. you dont even own a house. lol. im so glad i never get cell phones in my name hahahahahaha. you are the dumbest piece of trash i ever met. but you just made my day. thank god for making people as stupid as you are ahahahahahahahahaha
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Another Agency Scam making The Rounds

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15 Responses

  1. Damn …swap HIV with ‘it’ in quote…SMH

    “You will be a viral it girl. I want you to head up the campaign and be the face of it. We will make you go BOOM!! ”

    Quote is cake and the icing was his response to being checked out. Kudos to her for checking him out and further making the exchange public.

  2. I wish this was formatted JUST enough to make clear when we are changing persons “speaking”….. another clue for fly-by-night agencies….bad grammar, tons of typos, and EVERY pie-in-the-sky promise, instead of just some….. 🙂

  3. As soon as I read in the first sentence “rite now.” That instantly would do it for me if I were a model.

    Seriously, if someone can’t even spell the word “right” how the hell are they going to make you thousands of dollars?


  4. Unfortunately many producers don’t care about whether or not an “agency” is licensed when they hire talent. Many of them hire models from unlicensed/shady sources. There are a lot of reasons hiring from unlicensed agencies is bad, this is just one example.

  5. I am positive a 10 year old could scam most of the women in this industry. #feeble-minded #gullible #nocommonsense

  6. As if the so called legal agents are really any much better. Lets be real folks. ANYBODY who claims they are going to make you a star is full of it, especially a star in porn and mainstream, with some escorting,ooops prostituting, on the side.

  7. I think we should all stop with this, it’s getting silly now. We all know 99% of the models are hookers/escorts and the scenes that they appear in are nothing more than a calling card or resume to grab sugar daddies and clients/Johns. The agents all have clients/Johns, the websites are nothing more than a showcase to show off the talent that could be purchased for the night/hour. All of these agents are PIMPS!

  8. Just because a woman likes to work in the sex industry does not make her stupid. I have a college degree, worked in the medical field for 5 yrs before I switched over to the sex industry. I love my job 😉 Yes there are many in porn that disagree of talent working as an escort. Think about this though-so I live in Utah and go to Florida, get tested, shoot porn and not escort while in Florida. I go back to Utah and work as an escort. If I get called to do scenes then I fly to FL, LA, or Vegas, get tested and not escort while filming. I am an independent escort who has safe practices. Its not like I have a druggie boyfriend who loves to cheat and I work in porn, but it is okay to fuck him bareback since he is my boyfriend. Well, drugs? sleeps with other woman?? I would rather trust a smart escort who is safe, then the other, ya know. 😉

  9. Speaking of Another Agency Scam Mike, Jake Spade is starting yet another agency. Isn’t this the same guy that beat up Jenny Hendrix back in the day?

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