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Matt Sorum Rock Star Asshole Of The Year

The drummer of Velvet Revolver wins it by a landslide. On Saturday night October 6 , 2007 at Tampa Gold Club in Tampa. The DJ announces that Alice In Chains and Velvet Revolver after party will be coming to the club, The club is already full because The Nightmoves Porn Star Caravan is already in the club. My girlfriend and I ran into this prick walking through the club, who gives the stereotype of all rock stars the bad name. I asked “Excuse me could we possibly get a picture with you please?” then he looks at me, “I am no one famous you don’t want my picture”. Not famous to people who never liked The Cult or Guns ‘N’ Roses maybe?

If that was the end of the story I wouldn’t care the least bit but after a porn star walks up to us and says do you know who this and pulls out a camera and shows us a picture and sure enough it’s good ole Matt. So he will take pictures with people who have no clue who he is and could careless about his music but when two fans ask forget about. Maybe he didn’t like the Poison t-shirt I was wearing or whatever but great way to treat tour fans. We were told Slash refuses to take pictures also because his new wife doesn’t like women, let alone porn stars, around him. Is his wife a moron? Just because he doesn’t take pictures with porn stars and hot women doesn’t mean he is not around them.

I have met many rock stars and all have been very nice, top of the list is Tommy Victor of Prong, who cares about his fans and would never act like a dickface.

So Matt if you don’t like your fans go work at the local store grocery, working the night shift stocking shelves and no one will give a shit about you, not that they do now… since you are the drummer.

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Beater (My Favorite Canuck) Writes:

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