Rob Black on America’s most wanted?

Word is that Rob has attracted the attention of “America’s Most Wanted” in conjunction with the assault and attempted sexual mutilation of a wrestler known as “The Messiah”. I have confirmed that a Producer from the popular TV show has been calling around porn valley for recent photos and descriptions of Rob and Lizzy Borden. It has been widely reported that Rob has been in hiding for several weeks to avoid arrest on these charges. In related news it was reported that Extreme sold off it’s sister company Armageddon, to Pleaseure Productions. I have not confirmed that rumor. Targeted air date for the story on America’s Most Wanted is September 21, 2002.

All I can say is if he did this, Rob Black is a pussy, if you want to assualt someone be a fucking man and do it yourself instead of hiring a couple of thugs to do it for you.

Or maybe not….

I just got a call from another porner who said this isn’t true, and he may well be right, AMW has bigger fish to fry and with all the shennanigans in wrestling who knows…

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Rob Black on America’s most wanted?

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