Rob Black Tries To Play Power Broker

In the funniest story I have heard in a while it seems that in between posts sucking up to Steven Hirsch in hopes of a radio show on Sirius (give it up Rob that WONT happen) Rob has decided that if you want to try to work with him as part of a campaign for the Free Speech board, you first have to treat him and Tommy to a free dinner.

At first I thought I was surprised that Rob was for sale so cheap, then i realized that no….that wasn’t it I mean his endorsement would be worth about 10 bucks at jack in the Box….If that.

Then I realized the really surprising part is that he thinks he has the juice to play some sort of power broker…..I mean If I were running for the FSC board Id take Rob and Tommy to a really nice dinner and say hey guys, whatever you do…DO NOT endorse me ok?


Talk about the kiss of death…..

87080cookie-checkRob Black Tries To Play Power Broker

Rob Black Tries To Play Power Broker

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  1. Oh come on… Did you actually watch or LISTEN to the webcast? I actually was watching the parts of which you’re referencing and the way you’re reporting about what Rob was saying, wasn’t how it went down at all.
    Frankly, I think Rob’s opinions of Kulich are VERY insightful (and valuable) because Kulich’s presence in Los Angeles pornography in many ways parallels Rob’s past.

  2. Mike you have proven all you need be right side of your opion of late be kiss ass for Derek Hey .You have proven that of late. I say being very big hypocrite over matter Mike.

  3. Sorry Mike, but I heard the show and I didn’t take that from it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I didn’t think that when I heard it. This guy spends about 5 hours a day talking about the industry and its flaws and ways to fix them. I don’t think he’s selling himself out for Red Lobster. If you are going to take up his time I’m sure Denny’s would do or even Jack in the Box. I’m sure offering to bring him take out would work. He constantly advertises where he is at and it doesn’t sound like he is advertising the Star Garden from the way he speaks about it. For someone like Kulich to come out with his “ideas” made my jaw drop and is almost an insult compared to what those who have worked tirelessly to improve this industry have done including Ms Foster. I just have to disagree with you on this one.

  4. my next post will explan more basically sometimes I just like to light the fuse in Robs tampon…. as for Kulich I support him for one reason, he wants to try to change things, thats something I can support in the big picture. I have serious doubts he will be elected but rest assured I didnt hear it on Robs show I cant listen to him his voice effects me like nails on a chalk board….I did talk to Mike and I do correspond with Rob as well . and like I said sometimes I just like to wind Rob up and watch him go from zero to insane in seconds

  5. Having served on not-for-profit boards in various Ad-min and subcommittee chair positions I’ll be the first to say…it ain’t a picnic!

    Some organizations like FSC have numerous affiliated non-profits for associated revenue streams intended to promote the head organizations purpose but in reality are tax dodges.

    Dealing with conflicting agendas within organizations is time consuming and often causes important shared priorities to be tabled…forever. So many people join organizational boards with good intentions running on platforms to address specific issues and desire to implement more participation only to find themselves checkmated at every avenue.

    First they are the new guy on the block, being courted by warring factions looking for a vote on their pet projects. Next unless they are used to the board structure they can and do get wrapped up in parliamentary (or governing) procedures that seem very strange and wasteful to them.
    Standing subcommittees often read their report and never get to introduce new business due to time constraints or political maneuvering to table it via … Adhoc committee creation! Where they are appointed chair…go do research, report for the minutes and the new business motions get voted down and advocate dismantled. Gee we tried that don’t you recall?

    Trying to picture Rob Black dealing with the realities of a closed non-profit board meeting is like an action adventure.

  6. The problem is the the FSC isn’t any ordinary non-profit. It’s more like a self-perpetuation fund for people who either flunked out of porn or who never could quite make it.

    Kulich appears to be a breath of fresh air in a very stale room… Rob Black would be…well, I will leave that for someone else to fill in the blank.

  7. Make no mistake, the FSC is a organization. And like real politics, the candidate can say all the right thing, but once elected he finds it impossible to follow through on the campaign promises. I just dont see kulich, or Black having the political savy to accomplish anything.

    Kulich is probabaly a good guy, and I dont doubt that he means well, BUT, as he has stated, he has worked in adult since he was 18. yes, he has done well for himself, but remember, this is porn. Doing the things that make you successful in porn would probably land you in jail in the real world. That is why he suggests things like bartering dvd’s to pay for tests, because this is how the ‘porn world’ thinks.

    Rob Black has alot of good ideas, but he just simply doesnt know how to deal with people, and his message gets lost in translation because he puts himself above everybody else. Constanstly telling the very people he needs to support him that they are stupid is never going to get people to line up behind him.

    But Rob would never run for the FSC boarecause its easy to be a big mough blowhard, and difficult to actually hold a postition . with responsibility. You have to make change from within, but rob wants to scrap everything and put himself in charge, and that would be the easy way, if it were at all feasible, which it isnt. Then once in charge Rob makes all the rules. Rob just doesnt realize that people will never follow him. If Rob were serious about change he would change his shctick, and support people who could make change, but then again, just like in real politics, Rob Blacks endorsement would be the kiss of death, and that really is too bad. Rob thinks he is the only one who has ever done what he’s doing, and he thinks that he himself is more important than the issues he talks about. That is why he is an unmitigated failure, and thats too bad.

  8. @jilted
    Great summary! Not-for-profit doesn’t mean it isn’t really a large corporation, just that the organization has registered with the IRS for a different taxing structure in exchange for reporting “donations &expenses including officer compensation” doesn’t mean they can’t have other ordinary (hidden) business income/expenses via subsidiary ‘privately held for-profit corporations, where the subsidiary company gets a voting seat on the not-for-profit as a standing sub-committee chair. (The subsidiary corp deducts the $ handed over to not profit as a business expense to reduce its tax base)

    It’s a lot of fun when well intentioned people realize…holy crap this is more “organized” than the corporate office world..their great ideas to fulfill the stated purpose quite often counter to the not-for-profits “extremely profitable yet potentially a liability issue we are distancing ourselves from” they get pissed, then when the potential financial or legal liability is explained realize …oops I’m screwed…can’t talk because I signed NDC and now that I’m here I know what I wanted will never happen.

    Still lol picturing Rob Black as part of that …a great action adventure reality show.

    is just an organization registered with the IRS, required to file public disclosure documents in exchange for favorable tax status. Many

  9. Meanwhile..the FSC loves the ideas and ideals Rob Black is shouting everyday. Keeps him busy and out of their hair, cuz it doesn’t matter what he shouts while they call the shots. Three months ago I had no clue about the players and today it’s easy to see how each of the main issues the UAWA (sp) wanted to FIX aren’t BROKEN they are engineered via slick legal and financial maneuvering.

    A fly on the wall…might have seen..(add side comments per players favorite gripes)
    Tests..yeah we know..we aren’t item up?
    OSHA..yeah we put together a safety manual for companies that want to be in compliance using a labor atty ..they just need to fill the blank for company name to prove they have an IIPP, make sure they have “Trojan” brand condoms to prove they offered and performers made their choice. We’re still attending advisory mtgs and hired the epidemiologist, we knew they wouldn’t/couldn’t pay for, we expect a favorable report (we bought stats we like) much longer do you think we can string Em along? Not sure but we have so and so looking into alternative options to avoid enforcement fines and cut down the related litigation. We got any press going to get the word out about all the economic damage a move would cause? Oh they know they just don’t care about all we do to support the community…well have so and so issue a statement. Lol

    I don’t know crap about how to make a film but give me non-profit boards and I’m like a kid in a candy store 🙂

  10. “Three months ago I had no clue about the players and today it’s easy to see how each of the main issues the UAWA (sp) wanted to FIX aren’t BROKEN they are engineered via slick legal and financial maneuvering.”


    I must admit that I wrote one of the worst posts of all time last night in response to one of the other blog posts… and then I went back to read it before posting and actually deleted the entire thing.

    It was that bad. I couldn’t even bring myself to post it.

    I think I may be at that “Who gives a mother fucking, god damn shit about any of this stupid fucking bullshit… take the entire fucking industry and move it underground. Seriously.

    -Testing: Who fucking cares. It doesn’t really do that much anyway… No more fighting about people paying for it..
    -No fucking taxes.
    -No fucking condoms required.
    -Instead of getting fucking fined by OSHA, they can just spend a day or two in jail and pay some bullshit fucking $200 fine that won’t even be near the amount of an OSHA fine.

    There, that’s nicer than my original…
    Problems fucking solved…

    Yep. My period should be here any day now. And, I just broke my last god damn, mother fucking vibrator last night.. fuck this shit.

    Ok, I feel a little bit better now… Thank you. 🙂

  11. @Lacey,
    As long as producers do not have to spend one single penny out of their pockets they have no problem with the system. Producers have never fought for the performers, but they do fight every single thing that would cost them one single cent. So Lacey, you are correct, as far as producers are concerned the system is not broken, and needs no fixing.

    Talent, on the other hand, are just as guilty, If talent cared about eachother, and themselves, they would never tolerate such working conditions. How can any performer claim to be concerned for not only their own health and safety, but also their coworkers, and continue to do the things they do with, and to eachother. It makes no sense. “I care about my health, but I am willing to do all of these high risk activities with no protection.” Give me a fucking break. “And I am willing to suck and fuck anything with a pulse(guys and girls), stick anything up my ass, as long as the check clears. BUT oh yeah, I am concerned about my health.

    Looking to the FSC or anyone else to make things safer for performers is a waste of time. PERFORMERS DONT CARE, so why should anyone else. Performers who do care QUIT THE BUSINESS.

  12. @jilted –
    “Looking to the FSC or anyone else to make things safer for performers is a waste of time. PERFORMERS DONT CARE, so why should anyone else. Performers who do care QUIT THE BUSINESS.”

    While I 100% agree with you here, THIS is my biggest problem. I think most of them DO care, but they don’t know how to make it any better or don’t have enough resources to actually make it better.

    If they don’t go along then there are 500 more who will shove baseball bats up their ass or have their assholes ripped open in the name of “art.”

    I almost think what is known as the “talent pool” will eventually just become irrelevant. You can already see it happening somewhat with a ton of porn stars branching out on their own with camming, escorting, fuck a fan setups or private videos.

    The name of game is individualized marketing to the masses. I guess kind of like mass marketing privates, whether it’s through camming, escorting, fuck a fan or even private personalized jerk off videos.

    So, soon there will be no “industry” as it’s known today except for maybe a few contract girls who work for companies that follow the law?

    “Adult Entertainment” will then consist of:
    Marketed by production company –
    1. Big budget film with contract stars or remaining porn stars.

    Marketed by individual performers –
    1. Low – budget films with random people shooting underground.
    2. Escorting.
    3. Stripping.
    4. Cam/Personal websites.
    5. Fuck a fan prostitution websites.
    6. Private and personalized jerk off videos.

    But, let’s say a low budget production company who doesn’t want to use condoms and shoots underground. How do they market without bringing attention to themselves from law enforcement?

    Maybe they will just shoot scenes and then sell them to tube sites?

    It’s not like underground crack dealers post their shit all over the Web for people to buy via PayPal?

    This shit is so confusing????????

  13. I wonder…are performing talent (and the intermittently employed set support and tech people) too busy competing for paying gigs that coming together and collectively doing what so many individuals do on their own with their efforts falling through the cracks?

    Too busy competing for their next $ that the ideal of forming a Performing Talent association by and for them
    With networking to share what works
    Developing workshops for new talent…ways to market yourself, things to avoid.
    Working talent…revenue streams, budgeting and smart $ planning
    Pooling resources for insurance discounts, volume purchasing etc.

    Lol don’t want to get anyone in a hot seat so no names…but I wonder if people who’ve done websites devoted to find new ways…share pros/cons etc would want to join others to create a organized group effort? Not about changing things so much, but more about smoother navigating

  14. Lacey, there is actually a Fuck-A-Fan site currently being run. It is owned by Dan “Porno Dan” Leal, he already uses condoms and VD testing on its shoots and actually has a license from the City of Los Angeles to film his scenes. It isn’t exactly prostitution because these people aren’t paying for their sex and it is a contest that any man over 18 that can pass a industry VD test can enter and a man would have to be very lucky to win as only (roughly) 36 scenes a year are filmed and probably millions enter the contest but the premise is there. For the record Dan is a respected member of the porn industry and mainly films for his various internet brands nowadays although there is still a limited DVD distribution arm of his company. When California is done running porn out of the state I am sure Dan will move his operation to New Hampshire and life will go on. So will Vivid, Wicked, Manfuck (sorry, FuckGeek) and whatever else survives the latest attempt to stamp out the jizz biz.

    As for low-budget scenes marketed by performers/small time directors we already have that as well. It is called Clips 4 Sale, all you have to do is have 2257 paperwork for all involved, claim it was filmed somewhere in New Hampshire (while it isn’t obvious that you are lying on the footage, if it is 90 degrees with beaches and palm trees in your scene you are still fucked) and the condom issue/prostitution issue is no longer an issue.

    Escorting is illegal in 49 and a half states, short of going to work for Dennis Hof who makes his hookers retest whenever they return from a trip off campus and use condoms for every John, Dick and Harry that comes in the door the people that choose this avenue will likely have a lengthy criminal record, familiarity with how it feels to be locked in a cage/car with your future rapists (I haven’t seen too many hookers that could defend themselves against a group of bubbas) and how it feels to be locked in the back seat of a cop car while wearing a pair of handcuffs by the time they are 25.

    Stripping is legal in most states nowadays but is usually used as a cover for illegal whore houses where the “VIP rooms” are actually places for the “strippers” to take “johns” to go fuck for an extra $300. See “Escorting” for the rest.

    Cam Shows/Personal Sites are technically legal in most instances as long as no masturbation, titty play or sex is involved. As most cam shows involve masturbation at a minimum this is usually only legal in California and New Hampshire. With California working overtime to run porn out of the state I guess New Hampshire will soon receive an influx of new cute, nubile women that want to perform in their own cam shows. As long as you don’t mind New Hampshire I guess this is still an option.

    Private and personalized videos. Theoretically this will still be legal in New Hampshire as well but if someone pays $1000 to fly out there and fuck Aaliyah Love, making the filming just a ruse to keep the feds out of the way that might not go over so well even in free and bohemian New Hampshire. A legitimate porn movie made out there would be legal.

    Here was my analysis of Lacey’s list of the industry’s future. As you can see it isn’t pretty. Hope you don’t want to give up accounting to get into porn anytime soon.

  15. Damn mharris, way to crush my dreams of becoming a porn star…. 🙁

    It looks like Dan has his operation pretty legit. Good for him.
    I still wonder about the fuck a fan sites that pay the fan money to fuck… While taping it? It doesn’t make any sense?
    It’s like the closest thing I’ve seen to taped prostitution, yet openly marketed to the world and nobody seems to think there’s a problem?
    It just seems beyond strange to me???

    Also, what would happen if New Hampshire passed a state – wide mandatory condom requirement? Or, what if New Hampshire decided to outlaw any kind of pornography to keep the CA industry out? Move overseas?

  16. Lacey, if NH banned porn or passed a condumb requirement I guess porn would either go underground or move overseas. Porn has been filmed on the sly before so that would be my guess as to what would happen. New Hampshire is a pretty liberal state when it comes to entertainment, I don’t expect they will fall for Weinfuck’s campaign to run the industry out of the country (they may actually run Weinfuck out on a rail when they figure out what he actually is).

    As for fuck a fan sites, the only ones I was aware of are Porno Dan’s site and one run by former porn chick Mercedes Ashley (I hope I have the right Mercedes here). Mercedes’ site is also a contest, she picks a fan from her subscriber list and fucks him for her site. I suppose a straight fuck a fan format where the fan is paid like normal talent and gets to fuck Julia Ann (replace Julia with your favorite female porn chick) would be pushing it but I think it would pass muster as the male talent is usually paid anyway whether it be talent or a fan — with the caveat that the video footage is made into a movie or video and sold on DVD or posted to a subscription or Clips 4 Sale type internet site.

    The biggest issue with fuck a fan sites is not legality IMO as long as it is structured properly. It is an issue of capability — can the fan keep wood long enough to do a show. Dan told me (essentially, I am paraphrasing) that although some fans don’t keep wood very long the subscribers understand the nature of the site and are generally supportive. If I recall at least two and sometimes all three fans per month’s posting actually put in an acceptable performance and even if they don’t the result is usually entertaining to the subscribers and keeps them coming back for more.

    I am not trying to crush anyone’s dreams of being a porn star. However I believe people considering the industry deserve an honest assessment of the situation and although I am from the outside looking in I know enough to give fair warning. I will also say that if Kink, Intersec or Vivid offered me a job paying $300K annually with bennies (I understand Kink’s directors make that or more depending on the numbers of sites run and tenure at the company) to make porn I would likely take the position and move to CA (or NH if need be) and ride out the storm. At that wage even with CA taxes and SF rents I could save a fair amount of money up even if it only lasts 2-3 years before the floor falls out from the industry.

  17. @mharris127

    Have you see what has been released recently? Yeah. Lots of nothing. What of value has been released? All of California is not condom on the books yet so why aren’t people filming outside of LA like crazy? You think they will relocate to NH? NH is filled with the kinds of girls you see in porn and in the same abundance, right? Of course not. Look on a map. NH is a cold and depressing place compared to California. You think talent will relocate there?

    I see the AHF doing their shit in NH. A politician can be for it and be easily swayed to take a position to give themselves a leg-up in an election. “My opponent doesn’t believe in protecting the welfare of adult performers in this state. I do. Why wouldn’t she? Are pornographers funding her campaign?” That’s easy.

    Those who go underground in California will probably be caught. Someone will narc them out. Remember, porn doesn’t have its own code that people adhere to in regards to being friendly with one another. What I see happening is a lot of condoms and a lot of companies shutting down and only the ones that make what is considered somewhat of a film proceeding.

    Let this happen. Wait 5 years. Then go back at a slow pace. A company making Evil Angel material can do so overseas and it will be in high demand due to the high amount of plot-based vanilla material. Look at porno history. It repeats in regard to edgy content. The market has overflown. Wait until it returns.

  18. @mharris: New Hampshire is actually a very conservative state, not “free” or “bohemian” at all. That would be their neighbor, Vermont. New Hampshire is loaded with old-school bedrock disapproving Yankees (i was raised in New England) and I seriously don’t think they’d welcome any influx of porn professionals.
    Additionally: I notice that no one has mentioned Canada. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are all hubs of porn production, and more content is being filmed in Canada by Canadian production companies all the time. Additionally, the attitude toward porn is very different there and politicians and law enforcement have no interest in regulating it. And it’s certainty easier for people based in L.A. to fly to Vancouver for a shoot than to go to Europe.

  19. As a resident of the Granite State, New Hampshire defies easy labels. We are labeled a conservative state. Technically true, but not in the way that conservatism is defined today by the Tea Party. In fact, we had a flirtation with the Tea Party following the 2010 election, and then voted the bums out in 2012.

    We’ve had more Democratic governors in the last 20 years than Republican governors; our governor, US representatives and US Senators are all women.

    What New Hampshire is, on both sides of the aisle, is libertarian. We do not like regulation in our personal lives. So, traditionally, New Hampshire has had among the most liberal gun laws in the country and among the highest gun ownership rates in the country. We don’t like abortion, but there is easy access to abortion. We’re not against public nudity if you’re not a flasher. You can sun yourself buck naked on the town square in most New Hampshire towns – and women have gone topless on our town square to prove the point – as long as you are not lascivious, whatever that means.

    However, don’t confuse antipathy to government in our personal lives to business. New Hampshire has high business taxes – they got to make up the fact that we have no sales or income tax somewhere. Business is highly regulated. And, while there is no law against filming pornography in New Hampshire, there is real antagonism to selling pornography. I have traveled widely in our state, and I am unaware of a single adult book store or strip club in the state – you have to go to Springfield, Mass., Hartford or Boston for adult entertainment.

    Six or seven years ago, an adult book store opened in my community, which is the largest in the part of the state where I live. There was a public outcry and calls for the government to close them down. The City said its hands were tied. However, the public boycotted the business and it closed within a few months. The owner reopened in the next town over. Same outcome. He moved one town over again and finally gave up.

    Some guy just opened a hookah store downtown. City says he has a legal lease. However, there are daily pickets — people carrying signs – against synthetic drugs and hookah pipes in front of his store. He complains, but the city says, hey, they have a right to protest. I have never seen anyone walk into his shop and cannot imagine who shops there except perhaps kids from the college.

    It may be legal to film porn here, but I assure you it would be expensive to set up shop, the reception would be as chilly as the peak of Mt. Washington, and the industry will be highly regulated.

    That said, I would like to see Steve and Marci Hirsch toughening it out in an Eastern Mountain Sports parka and Timberland boots in January when its 10 below zero for a week.

  20. @BT –
    Reminds me of New Orleans in a way…
    We’re just conflicted. Haha.
    Conservative vs. Liberal at every turn…

    Bourbon Street in literally a block or 2 away from one of the oldest cathedral churches in the country.

    Boobs in public: Perfectly acceptable.
    Pulling your dick out in public: Will get you arrested.
    (Pulling your dick out on Bourbon Street is never a good idea anyway… it looks *really* small from a balcony.) 😉

  21. You can let your dick flap in the wind in public in New Hampshire. You just better not stroke it!

    One of the other posts referenced The People’s Republic of Vermont – I live on the New Hampshire/Vermont border. It’s also legal to be naked in public in many communities in Vermont, including the one closest to me. Became a big deal about five years ago when a bunch of wrinkled old geezer nudists – guys and gals – began sunbathing in the all together downtown during their lunch breaks. It’s never the pretty people, is it?

    Two years ago, some locals planned a Sunday march downtown to celebrate gun ownership in New Hampshire. They were armed to the teeth, which is perfectly legal. And, it was such a nice day that some of the women decided to parade topless. I called it the right to bare arms ….. and breasts.

  22. @BT –
    It’s never the pretty ones unless they’re shitfaced drunk… then it just becomes everyone!!!

    I actually have no problem with the nudity, but I can’t stand the frat guys who will start groping and slapping boobs and pinching nipples. Not very nice, but the chick’s are usually so drunk they don’t give a shit…

    Or, the guys who whip their dicks out and start trying to slap other people with it… drunk people just can’t control themselves.

  23. @mharris127 –
    Have you always commented on the James Deen blog? Someone recently sent me a link to his blog with a pic. of him from a kink shoot in combat boots (omg. drool…) and I saw your name in the comments… Shit, I may have actually spoken to you on there before? Hahaha!!!

    Believe me, you’re not crushing anyone’s dream of becoming a porn star. Looks like Deen is very willing & anxiously waiting to pimp girls out from what I saw… 😉

  24. I’ve been trying to imagine New Hampshire-themed porn, since we do take a lot of pride in the state and the source local movement.

    Hot gal wearing plaid flannel stumbles onto a frozen lake into an ice-fishing shack and says she’ll take care of his pole ……

    Hot gal enters a sugar shack during syrup season and drips maple syrup over strategic parts of her body. Oral sex ensues ….

    Naked gal splits fire wood. Strategic butt shots as she bends over to swing the axe. Then she gets mawled from behind …

    Couple do it doggy style in a deer stand. She strips off the camou but keeps on the orange blaze vest so she’s not mistaken for a doe …

    James Deen is chased naked by a black bear or run down by a moose.

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