Review – Night of the Giving Head


Night Of The Giving Head

Directed: Rodney Moore

Amber Rayne, Caroline Pierce, Claire Dames, Kylee Reese, Nikki Coxxx/Rhodes, Rucca Page, Samantha Sin, Veronica Rayne

16×9 Format, Upconverts well, quality good.

One of my very few regrets about not living in L.A. is that once in a while I get invited to a premiere or a party that I’d really like to attend. This was one of them. Rodney and I go back to my first days in the biz, I have always liked the guy he is good natured and approaches porn from a “this should be fun” perspective as opposed to the “Mortal Combat” approach that is so prevalent these days.

Rodney is known for his offbeat comedy, even in his gonzo stuff and this is no exception, “Night of the Living Zombies” is typical Rodney goofiness with more (and nicer ) zombie strippers than “From Dusk Til Dawn”  matter of fact when they are all emo’ed out and trudging around zombie like I couldn’t help but think so this is what an Eon McKai set looks like.

Even the music is pretty decent with some Concrete Blonde influence obvious.

Rodney….Good job man, should be a shoe in for a best comedy, Thanks for the invite too, one day I may just make the trip.

Reviewed By Mike South

For a scene breakdown go to CAVR


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Review – Night of the Giving Head

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