Another Night In China



OK Im not so sure I get the idea that China is a celebrity, Paris Hilton, is if she wasn’t, Pamela Anderson was, Screech wasn’t, nor was anyone I can recall Vivid releasing and I guess China wants to be.

The blonde China on the box isn’t in the video…she has dark hair in the vid which is actually OK because she looks better with dark hair, and she does have a nice rack.

Another thing I don’t get is why these “celebrities” who presumeably have at least a little money would shoot this video in what appears to be “Graceland”  By that I mean the decor is something right out of Casa Elvis, which may have been hillbilly chic back before he died but now its well….. Tacky, most of the scenes are on a leopard skin couch thingy.

All are with the same guy, who is at beast a lazy fuck (using fuck as a verb meaning to fuck not as a noun meaning he is a fuck, or maybe it’s that lazy is an adverb meaning how he fucks not an adjective meanng …well you get it.)

The thing could have used a facial or two at the very least.  Course watching this should give most guys hope…I mean if a guy who is this bad at sex can get laid it’s no wonder I’m beating away 21 year old strippers who get attached after a night.

I watched the documentary “Heckler” the other night…pretty good really and now Im sitting here as critic wonder if I’m being a critic or a heckler….

OK bottom line if you wanna see this wrestler chick fuck in some pretty unimaginative sex scenes (missionary and doggy are the only positions) then hey this will rock yer world.

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Another Night In China

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  1. You’d think the company would have titled this ‘Another Night in Chyna’? Then again, maybe they don’t know how to spell her name.

    Good thing you mentioned the fact that she was the wrestler, I didn’t even recognize her from the box.

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