You can run but you can’t hide, or can you, a reader sends me this story:

At July 20th’s XPW show, “Night of Champions”, while the actual show was thought of by most as pretty lackluster and boring, what went on in the back has proven with time to be very interesting.
By now everyone pretty much knows what happened during the title match between Shane Douglas and Webb, with the beachballs and the chants (if you need a refresher check out some reviews here on SCU of the show). Where things went out of control is when a fan jumped the railing and made a run for the ring.
It took about ten members of XPW’s house security, which was made up of mostly teenagers, to finally stop the drunken fan at the ring. The fan was escorted to the back, where Pico Rivera security tried to take possesion of him. Once in the back the fan continued to incite people and struggle, untill the fan was attacked by Supreme.
In Supreme’s attack on the fan, Pico Rivera security tried to intervene, which led to a scuffle between Supreme and Pico security. Kevin Kleinrock and several XPW wrestlers were able to break it up and calm Supreme down, but not before the fan was beaten up pretty good, including given a broken nose, and Pico Rivera security was pissed off.
Upset, Pico Rivera security were going to call the police, untill it was smoothed over by Kevin Kleinrock, reportedly by bribing the security officers. The fan was then escorted out of the stadium by security, and no charges were pressed, for obvious reasons.
Where the story gets even more interesting is when Rob Black (Robert Zicari) comes to the back from the title match. He was upset about the beachballs and the chants and was throwing a fit about the Messiah being at the show (he was there in an upper corner of the arena and was causing no trouble, and left when the fans got wild during the title match). He then went off on a tantrum about the fan that ran at the ring yelling such things as “I want to fucking kill him”. At that time Black along with Kevin Kleinrock, GQ Money (Ryan Katz), and Lizzy Borden (Janet Romano) all left the backstage area of the show, missed the main event exploding ring scaffold match, and by all reports none were seen again till around 4:00 AM when Kevin Kleinrock handed out checks.
Part 1
In another interesting story involving Rob Black, during the week after the attack on the Messiah, New Jack (Jerome Young) called the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s station and told the police that Rob Black (Robert Zicari) had tried to hire New Jack to kill Messiah (William Welch) for $10,000 at one point. Since there are no other witnesses to back up New Jack’s statements, and New Jack and Rob Black have had recent problems involving bounced checks, the sheriffs could only take New Jack’s account in as circumstantial evidence

4690cookie-checkYou can run but you can’t hide, or can you, a reader sends me this story:

You can run but you can’t hide, or can you, a reader sends me this story:

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