Yayaya, I know:

What’s that NASA Cassini thing got to do with porn? Absofuckinglutely nothing. But I did have it 4 hours before they announced it…Still got a friend or two at the space agency.

Lizzie Borden Writes:

More than 317,000 seals were slaughtered in the 2005 seal hunt. A staggering 98.5% of the seals killed were two months old or younger. Many of them were probably skinned while still conscious and able to feel pain. Stand with me today and stop the seal hunt forever by joining the Canadian seafood boycott.

Tell ya what Lizard…why don’t you and Rob dress up as seals and go wander around in Northern Canada…Give us a first hand report, if ya get clubbed to death I will make a donation to save your seals. Not to mention nominating whoever delivers the coup de grace for a humanitarian award.

XXXInsider Writes:

“He’s the biggest piece of garbage in the world because he fucks family. That’s the worst.”

If memory serves me right, Rob proudly tells everyone that he stole money (I think it was $50,000) from his parents! Typical Rob Black: anything and everything is acceptable as long as he is the one doing it … To God I pray, “please get this man in jail”.

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Yayaya, I know:

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