With A Name Like Elliott Spitzer (Brian Writes)

But WAIT! His wifey ain’t half damn bad! This has GOT to be the thrill of the hunt…And don’t tell me it’s cause she wouldn’t do anal. NO WIVES DO ANAL. They’re wives for goodness sake, they never DID anal.

My check the wife thoery worked ( somewhat ) with the Republican Gasbag that got caught cruising an airport bathroom ( Jeezz, what a jack-off …OOPS! ) when checking his ol’ lady, it was OBVIOUS why he was, well, gay, er, whatever.. He was a dumbass, that much is known. Have any of these guys heard of a motel?

It’s just a theory.

I don’t think that stress, pressure, or stature lead someone to bag some high dollar fun. The FUN leads someone to bag some high dollar fun. It feels good, it’s fun, and da wifey won’t move her ass in bed. If she did, see previous e mails.

Nothing is quite so delicious as watching the mighty stumble, clumsily over what was a pretty good career and now is in shambles. Hope ya’ like following ol toe sucker Dick Morris on the cable news blather.

Oh yeah, get a website you can hawk at every breath. Stuff’s expensive.

Brian in Powder Springs

I Love this guy..Brian you are the best dude

19640cookie-checkWith A Name Like Elliott Spitzer (Brian Writes)

With A Name Like Elliott Spitzer (Brian Writes)

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