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THIS IS EXACTLY what the porn people fighting the condom ordinance better start focusing on, slinging mud at Derrick and Darren is a NO WIN scenario.  Since this thing has become an all in or all out issue instead of a common sense issue maybe you guys should start thinking before running your mouths.  There’s a few complete fucking idiots out there like Michael Whiteacre who think I am some sort of enemy of porn.  if you want to see your real enemy look in the mirror…running your pie hole without thinking about what you are doing gives Michael Weinstein a woody, trust me.  if you are too dumb to see that kindly shut the fuck up.

From a reader


A 35 year old male  walks into a “County Health” clinic.

He tells the receptionist he had unprotected sex with an “escort” two weeks ago. The receptionist asks,”By escort do you mean prostitute “Yes,” the man replies.

The receptionist then asks a series of question, vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex? The man answers truthfully, and then says, “But the escort had an std test two weeks before my encounter with her.”

The receptionist replies,”What good is a two week old test when you’re having unprotected sex with a prostitute, who has probably had multiple unprotected partners between the time of the last test and the encounter with you?”

“I know,” the man replies, “What in the hell was I thinking?”

The man then goes into an exam room and the counselor talks to him. “You should be tested right now for a variety of things, abstain from all contact with anybody, and get retested for HIV in three months, this is the routine procedure for someone in your situation.” The man follows the advice, and goes on his way.


A newbie porn performer walks into an ‘industry” clinic and says, “In the last two weeks I have had unprotected sex with about ten people, several of whom have been escorting on the side, but each of them had a test two weeks before I worked with them, what should I do?”

The porn clinic receptionist says, “The industry standard is to test every thirty days, but if you want to you can get tested now, but your two week old test is still good for you to work with for another two weeks.

The receptionist continues,”Porn performers are the most tested people anywhere, and this has been a trusted system for over ten years now.” The newbie asks,”How often do performers test positive for stds?”

“We dont give out that information, that would violate everyone’s privacy,” the receptionist replies.

The newbie then asks,”I have read that it is safer to have sex with a tested porn worker than with an untested stranger, is that true?

Guess what the porn clinic tells her?
Which of these two people do you think got the better advice?

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Why The Condom Law Will Pass – Reader Mail

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  1. Ricco, I agree that Michael Whiteacre is polarizing at times. However, I believe he is trying to do what is in the industry’s best interests as he sees it. He used to make porn himself IIRC so he knows the ins and outs of the industry. Remember he was instrumental in getting Porn Wiki Leaks taken down and he didn’t make a dime off his work in this matter. I think personally FSC should put him on the payroll as their attorney or CEO and hire him to work full time (yes, I know he is dating Joanne from FSC, I don’t think that nepotism would be an issue here). I also appreciate all of the work he has put into outing the real Shelley Lubben and Michael Weinstein.

    As for Michael Whiteacre being gay or bi, I can’t answer that as I don’t know. Frankly I don’t care about that issue, I would hope that porn would move past that especially for people not actively fucking in the industry’s films.

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